Letter from SUPP’s Milton Foo to Adenan Satem

Respectable Chief Minister Adenan,
I am extremely disappointed with your recent announcement of direct BN candidates. This is because this is a unilateral act without consultation with BN component parties for a consensus.
This is not only a violation of the agreement among BN component parties including SUPP, it is also disregarding the loyalty of the component parties. This is especially so for Pelawan and Pujut constituencies. You had personally announced in the public that these two constituencies shall be fielded by SUPP candidates. However, without consulting SUPP, you made a u-turn by announcing the direct BN candidates instead of the recommended candidates of SUPP.
This is like when Sarawak formed Malaysia with North Borneo and Malaya, all parties are equal partners. And now, since you stated that you want to take back the autonomy of Sarawak, including petrol and gas, then you should know the feelings of being robbed of our rights.

Now, you made your own decision without consultation of component parties. What is the difference between such act and Putra Jaya bullying Sarawak to make it from 1/3 into 1/13? Don’t do to others which you don’t want others to do to you. You want Sarawak to get back its autonomy, yet you are trampling the dignity of your political allies. People want to see a chief minister who walks his talk, not an authoritative and dictatorial leader to lead Sarawak towards regaining its autonomy and protect state interests.
So I don’t hesitate to speak the truth, because you (the aged) should listen to the truth not flattery words. Even if it meant that I would lose my candidacy I have to speak out. As head of the state you can’t change your mind so easily, a king never joke. Policies cant be changed overnight. This would cause hatred and hardship among people. Even though you have implemented many policies that benefit the people and you are loved by the people, this does not been that you are not subject to scrutiny, especially within the government. I shall speak the truth for the people no matter how high position the person is holding. This is because I represent the people not the power. My political power comes from the people not the government, especially not from you.
Milton Foo,
Pending candidate
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