Zaid does not rule out possibility of Najib arresting Mahathir

Zaid Ibrahim

PETALING JAYA: Former Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim does not rule out the possibility of Prime Minister Najib Razak giving the orders for Dr Mahathir Mohamad to be arrested after the Sarawak election is over.

In a blog post today, Zaid remarked that Mahathir’s attacks on Najib were more harsh than any he had levelled against Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when the veteran politician wanted the former prime minister to resign.

Zaid was in Kelantan speaking to 300 Amanah volunteers about a signature drive for the Citizens’ Declaration when he was asked a series of hard-hitting questions, one of which was whether Mahathir could be trusted in his latest bid to oust Najib.

“As long as he (Mahathir) remains with us, yes we can, because his fight with Najib is real and ugly, unlike his attack against Pak Lah. I would not rule out Najib arresting him after the Sarawak election,” Zaid said.

He also said there was no possibility of Mahathir going back to Umno but that even if the former prime minister chose to, it would be no loss to anybody as the Malay party would have been “destroyed” by then.

The volunteers also asked what steps could be taken if Najib refused to budge despite enough signatures for the Citizens’ Declaration asking for his resignation.

Reminding the group that Najib had “proven to be very bad for the country”, Zaid added: “We can only do what the law allows us to do, and that is signing petitions and making demands through the voice of the rakyat. If that does not work, then we have to fight him in the next general election.”

He also explained that Opposition leader and PKR President Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and party Vice-President Nurul Izzah Anwar had chosen not to participate in the “Save Malaysia” campaign because they did not believe Mahathir was the right person to push for reforms.

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah’s support of Najib was also questioned to which Zaid explained that the veteran politician lived and breathed Umno and would therefore continue to support his party’s president. – FMT

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