Time for a change. Sarawak should have a non-Muslim CM

by Mariam Mokhtar

COMMENT: According to the 2010 National Census, the religious composition of Sarawak is: 43% Christians, 32% Muslims, and 14% Buddhists. The racial composition is: Iban 31%, Chinese 28%, Malay 20%, Melanau 6%, Bidayuh 8% and Orang Ulu 5%.

It is the most racially harmonious nation, within Malaysia. The many indigenous populations exist in peaceful co-existence. Families have members of different faiths.

Where in Malaysia can a stall selling bak kut teh, nestle beside a Malay stall selling halal food without anyone batting an eyelid?

Where in Malaysia, can an open house be a true open house, where no special cutlery or crockery has to be bought specially for Muslim guests, where people have no qualms about visiting a longhouse, or a house, which celebrates Gawai or Christmas?

Malaysians are aware that BN’s policies, from Malaya, don’t have much to offer, except the divisive race and religious based politics. Although Chief Minister Adenan Satem has said that he does not brook any racial nonsense, two things stand out.

First. Despite his high popularity rating, which has risen to 81%, from 74 percent, in April 2015, Adenan’s ban, on various Malayans from entering Sarawak, is puzzling. Is he afraid that they will reach out and engage with Sarawakians?

BN cannot be complacent, and although they know that the Opposition does not have as much money for canvassing as BN, they do not want to take any chances; hence the ban on the Opposition politicians from Malaya. Perhaps, Adenan is aware that his position is more precarious that he would like you and I to believe.

Second. Dr Annuar Rapaee, the BN candidate for Nangka, urged Sarawakian Muslims to continue supporting Adenan as CM, and implied that by voting BN, they would continue having a Muslim CM.

Annuar, who is also the Sibu Muslim Welfare Trust Board (Lakis) chairman, told the largely Muslim audience attending a forum at the Sibu Islamic Complex, that Sarawakians should continue to defend the leadership, because it treated all the communities fairly.

Denying that he is touting the usual BN line, which is to peddle race and religion-based politics, Annuar then accused Malaysiakini of taking his words out of context and making him out to be a racist.

If Annuar denies playing on racial sentiments, was there any need to say, to the Muslim audience, in the audio recording, “I call on the Muslim community, especially in Sibu, that we must be aware that despite not being the majority, we are given the opportunity to lead Sarawak. Let us not let go of this opportunity.”

This is going against the grain for the true Sarawakians.

Annuar must know that Sarawak is the only nation within the Malaysian tripartition, which practices “1Malaysia” on a daily basis.

So, does Adenan endorse Annuar’s message? Will Adenan reprimand the Nangka BN candidate? Some people allege that Adenan is a BN stooge. His silence will validate this allegation.

It is time for a change. Sarawak can show the rest of Malaysia that it can elect the best man for the job, be he Muslim or non-Muslim.

Sarawakians have seen how Muslim leaders in Putrajaya have robbed and plundered the nation, and divided the rakyat. Sarawakians have also suffered under Taib Mahmud, the former CM. Why should they place their trust in Muslim leaders?

Malaysia is a secular country, and in a Christian-majority nation like Sarawak, the people should have a non-Muslim CM. – The Ant Daily

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