Najib barks, Adenan jumps?

 By Mariam Mokhtar

COMMENT In some Sarawakian circles, they joke, “When Najib Abdul Razak barks, ‘Jump!’, Adenan Satem, the Sarawak Chief Minister, asks, ‘How high?’”

The harassment of the Malaysiakini journalist who covered a function featuring the BN candidate for Nangka, Dr Annuar Rapee, in Sibu last week, is state-sanctioned intimidation. She was targeted because Najib is afraid. He does not want the Sarawakians to know that Malaya’s main export to Sarawak is the BN package of ‘divide and conquer’.

Sarawak is Umno Baru’s, and BN’s, fixed deposit, to perpetuate their absolute power. If Sarawak falls, it will be like the flood gates opening. That is what Najib fears. A BN failure in Sarawak will signal a new dawn, for Malaysia.

Despite Sarawak being a wealthy nation, with riches from hydrocarbon reserves, timber, minerals, land and its most important resource, its people, why is Sarawak the second poorest nation in Malaysia? Where did the money go?

BN makes a mockery of the elections, when it reduces the campaign for the country’s future and governance, to a lucky draw. The prizes of food and education funds are peanuts, considering the billions of ringgits that the cronies steal from the people.

Police reports have been made against the Malaysiakini journalist, and her photos have been circulated on social media. She is now under investigation, but you only need to listen to the transcript of what was said to see why Dr Annuar is scared.

Dr Annuar is aware that Sarawak is the most racially harmonious nation, within Malaysia, and yet, in the first two minutes of the recorded speech, Dr Annuar urged the Muslims to defend the values in Islam, and to defend the leadership which he said has led them to greater heights since independence.

Despite Muslims being a minority group, Dr Annuar urged the audience not to waste this opportunity but to vote wisely to continue with the current leadership.

So can he claim that he wasn’t telling the audience to vote BN, even if the word BN was not mentioned?

You only need to look at the ban on several West Malaysian into Sarawak to know that Adenan is on shaky ground. Najib has been paying many visits to Sarawak, and has bought more gifts for Sarawakians, than the Three Wise Kings brought to Jesus.

If the canvassers for the election were not floating on a sea of goodies, do you think BN would win? Every five years, BN mentions the Pan-Borneo Highway, as if it were a new project. How many more lies can the people tolerate?

Propagating a culture of fear

Dr Annuar is on the defensive, but like any other BN politician, he has the paid cyber-troopers and instruments of the state to threaten and propagate a culture of fear on his behalf.

The frontline people who will be targeted in this election campaign are the reporters. The people who tell the unvarnished truth. The freedom of the press must be upheld.

Sarawak is a nation in which Najib’s ‘1Malaysia’ is practised daily, but ever since Sarawak became BN’s fixed deposit, successive PMs, have ensured that Sarawak will not fall to the opposition.

The Ibans have lost their Native Customary Rights (NCR) lands to companies. They used to plant padi, cash crops and fruit trees. They hunted for protein in the jungle. When their lands were taken from them, the Ibans were like fish without water. This is not progress.

The fall of Sarawak will start a domino effect. First, Sarawak. Then, Malaya. Who knows, Singapore may awaken from its slumber.

Let us not forget the dodgy RM4 billion which Najib received, but denied. Do not forget that it allegedly came from 1MDB. He claimed that it was a donation from Saudi Arabia to help win the elections, with a special emphasis to be placed on Sarawak.

The Saudis fear the rising influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, but the Muslim Brotherhood has gained no foothold in Sarawak. Sarawak is a predominantly Christian nation, and both Najib’s and the Saudis’ explanations make no sense. It is hogwash, and they are hiding the real use to which this money will be put in Sarawak.

Najib knows that his future, and that of Umno Baru, lies on his shoulders. If Sarawak falls, Umno Baru will be wiped out at the next general election.

Najib knows that when Umno Baru falls, his freedoms and those of his cronies will be short-lived. That is why this Sarawak election is going to be an expensive campaign. He has to win favours and influence voting patterns.

Do the Sarawakians realise that they hold the key to their own freedom, as well as that of the whole of Malaysia?

By unlocking the door to their cage, they will wipe out the fixed deposit, and the Sarawakians will also free the rest of Malaysia from oppressive rule. – Malaysiakini

MARIAM MOKHTAR is a defender of the truth, the admiral-general of the Green Bean Army and president of the Perak Liberation Organisation (PLO). Blog, Twitter.

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