Not your father’s state, Azmin tells Adenan


KUCHING: A defiant Azmin Ali told off the Sarawak chief minister today by saying “I will not appeal to enter into my own country” over the five-day entry pass to come to Sarawak.

The Chief minister, Adenan Satem, had said that both Azmin, who is PKR deputy president, and the DAP”s Secretary-General, Lim Guan Eng, could make formal requests to have their stay extended.

“I want to tell Adenan, you can chase me out,” Azmin said. “But today he issued a statement saying if I want to extend my stay, I have to appeal to him first. It can’t be like that. I will not appeal to him.

“This is not your father’s state. This state belongs to Sarawakians. I want to remind Adenan not to make an enemy out of me, out of the rakyat.

“You should make an enemy out of the corrupt, the illegal loggers, the murderers, robbers. Why were they allowed in (unconditionally), but not me?”

Azmin made the statement in front of about 100 people who attended his ceramah in Siburan here this afternoon.

Pledging to continue fighting for the Sarawakians, Azmin said he could only do so if the voters elected PKR’s candidates to the state assembly. He said the candidates had, for years on end, served those truly in need.

“Sarawak leaders are really rich, but the people are still struggling. When there is an election they will come down every day to give RM5, RM10 or RM50 to get votes. But don’t sell your dignity, your pride for RM5.

“We are Sarawakians, we have dignity, principles. Our candidate in Mambong (Willie Mongin) is a young, professional person with a clean record. He could be making a big salary but instead, he is willing to come down and contest in Mambong just to help the people.”

Speaking to the reporters afterwards, Azmin who is also menteri besar of Selangor, said Adenan had abused his power as a chief minister by banning and limiting the stay of several Opposition leaders.

“I, as a democratically elected politician, have the right to travel anywhere. But if Adenan is till arrogant, then I leave it to the Sarawakians to judge his credibility.” – FMT

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