The Sarawakians are holding the Malayans to ransom

by Mariam Mokhtar

OUTSPOKEN: It is a sad and bitter fact that the people of Malaya are held to ransom by their cousins in Sarawak.

So, how can one convince the Sarawak electorate that they hold their own destiny in their hands?

Equally, how do you tell Sarawakians that they can free the Malayans from the tyranny of the Umno Baru rule in Malaya?

If only the Sarawak people knew the depth of suffering of the Malayan people. Sarawak is BN’s safe deposit…but who will tell the Sarawak people not to vote BN, especially when goodies and handouts rain from the sky, once every five years, before a general election or a snap election?

If you earn RM300 per month, and you are given RM100, when you attend a BN ceramah, this “gift” is a king’s ransom. No “ifs”. No “buts”.

If Sarawak were blessed with the benefits of its bountiful natural resources like oil and gas reserves, and timber, the people would be enjoying good education, health care, transport links and generally be better off…but how does one explain that Sarawakians are the second poorest people in Malaysia? Where does the money go?

If Sarawak, Sabah, and Malaya came together to form Malaysia, then these three nations should be equals…but why are Sarawak and Sabah treated as states, and not on equal terms with Malaya? This is state sanctioned bullying and abuse of power.

If Sarawak produces a major portion of all the hydrocarbons in Malaysia, it should benefit from the profits…but why is only 5% of the oil royalty given to Sarawak?

If Sarawakians need a two thirds majority in Parliament to amend the Petroleum Act 1974, to enjoy a greater percentage of oil royalty, then Sarawak MPs must convey their disapproval to the Federal government…but what is stopping Putrajaya amending this Act, despite BN being the ruling party?

If the North-South Expressway in Malaya connects Perlis to Johore, it means that Malayans enjoy good infrastructure and easier development…but what is causing the delay in the Pan-Borneo Highway? Its construction is like a never ending saga.

If Adenan Satem, the chief minister of Sarawak, is convinced that BN is good for Sarawak, he should have no fear about Opposition politicians…but why is he banning them from entering Sarawak? Is he on more shaky ground than he would like us to believe?

If Adenan warned the Opposition to keep 1MDB out of the Sarawak campaign ceramahs, he forgot to tell his BN candidate for Dudong, Tiong Thai King…but what prompted Tiong to mention the 1MDB saga and blame the Opposition, for not monitoring the government? He does not make sense. If Tiong is so smart, why did he not advise his own BN leaders to tell the truth, for once?

If the Nangka BN representative does not condone divisive race and religion politics, he should keep his ceramahs clear of the topics which are typical of BN politicians…but why was Dr Annuar Rapaee’s speech in Sibu littered with references to Islam? Why did he backpedal furiously, when he was exposed?

If you are a crony and voting BN means that you will be “awarded” a multi-million ringgit contract, you enjoy unprecedented wealth and power…but what if you are just an ordinary member of the rakyat?

If you are not convinced about the Opposition, why not visit Penang and Selangor, to open your eyes? These two states have achieved much, despite having no oil or timber reserves.

If you think BN will give you more oil royalty, because “The Chosen One” said so, then you are very naïve…but if you wait too long, before you vote for change, there may not be much to leave your children.

Mariam Mokhtar is “a Malaysian who dares to speak the truth”.

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