Stupid of DAP and PKR. Let them all bury themselves!

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Tay Su Kiang:  So many in DAP and PKR want to become YBs. It’s time to be honest. They are over ambitious. This is why they are fighting.

Serving the people, my foot!

Don’t ever take Sarawak voters for granted, you greedy politicians in DAP and PKR.

71 seats also fighting, now 82 seats fight again. Next time 99 seats – also will fight some more. When will there be enough seats to satisfy one’s greed? Stupid, very stupid!

This DAP/PKR infighting over seats is one of the lowest points in this Sarawak elections.

As a long time Opposition supporter, I am very ashamed of them.

Now, they might just as well go and bury themselves. I don’t care anymore.

Gunasekaran Balasundaram: Let them fight each other and kill themselves. Greedy chaps.

Rupert Koo: Going the same way as BN. No difference. So why should we support DAP or PKR? They are in the same boat – the same bunch of selfish, self-centered and egoistic group of people.

Vincent Teoh: It’s difficult to tame monkeys.

Nor Popia: They never learn, they simply don’t know the word ‘cooperate’, just trying to show who is more popular, in the end they are fighting each other and BN becomes the victor.

Tay Mung Hua: Should have planned properly in the first place. All like rojak now.

Musa Mosses: DAP and PKR are parties from Malaya, why should we support them? Better to support our Sarawakian party. Tok Nan is fighting for MA63 and we should support him.

Mok Khuen: BN laughing their hearts out and all the way to the bank, please!

Miang Huan Poon: Why give up 5 seats for 1 seat? That is not the way to treat a partner. All seats are suburban seats.

Hugh Teo: That’s how he values them…1 Chinese to 5 Iban seats. His head getting too big.

Sirhan Sirhan: Why so concerned with the 6 seats…there are more seats to think and talk about.

Kp Leong: Vote all 6 DAP candidates in to teach PKR a lesson.

Miang Huan Poon: DAP cannot claim 5 suburban seats. That is not the way family members distribute seats.

Gee Jakee: Why not vote PKR to teach DAP a lesson too?

Kp Leong: Hahaha. Is PKR capable? Let the voters decide.

Gee Jakee: I have great respect for PKR leader like Baru, See, Bawin, Abg Zul and others and there are also many of them who piss me off!

Kilroy Som: One in particular pisses me off. He has a loud mouth, a quarrelsome character and he is GAY. A wrong choice by PKR.

June Tong: May I know which PKR candidate is gay?

Kp Leong: I have no quarrel with PKR candidates and I give them my due respect…but people like Azmin Ali and Baru Bian are stabbing DAP in the back.

Darren Ching: Gee Jakee, you also said a lot piss you off. Which means mostly cannot be trusted, so why vote them in?

Guan Chai Koh: This proves that politicians fight for their own agenda.

Pius Ariffin: Very true, Guan Choi Koh. Nothing in their mind to consider the future of our next generation.

Ashok Kumar: If there are Trojans around, this sort of situation can be expected. So Pakatan Harapan, if you want to have any harapan in GE14, you have to identify, isolate and flush out those Trojans at all levels present.

Mohamad Ali Hassan: The main thing is there should be contined discussions if they want to be partners. It is still not too late.

Miang Huan Poon: Agreed.

Ntchwaidumelaa James: it shows that Sarawak DAP is not tied to DAP in Malaya. They have autonomy too. They contested in seats they believe they can win so why negotiate? They have better chances of winning than PKR.

Steven Sin: Sarawakians are different from Malayans where the majority always harp on race and religion. They may find some parties unacceptable, hence they go out to fight for the benefit of their local supporters, even in three or five cornered contests.

The natives of Sarawak care not how Malayans are treated over in the peninsula, it does not affect them.

Take the case of UEC exam results and the use of the word ‘Allah’ and the recent case in the media about renouncing of the faith.

Abdul Muiz Abd Rahim: Remove the bad bloods. These Trojans need to go!

Ghee Hin Ooi: Politicians are all the same.

Junis Junnis: That is their strategy – all 6 BN candidates will lose.

Raymond Ang: Never mind la, all are brothers and sisters bah. Just put the sick, sick government in ICU.

Ambrose Lai: The skipper in jail. The ship is drifting aimlessly

Lew Tian Ghee: Why cannot 3 & 3?

Thomas Yeoh: Sssh…it may be a secret plan.

Lee Chee Tian: Just pure stupidity!

Alexander Voon: I agree! Focus guys!


These comments are in response to the article DAP, PKR should be fighting the BN – not each other! published on April 28. However, these views from our readers should not be represented as fact.

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