Hadi Awang, what’s so wrong with a Dayak Christian CM?

by Zainal Yunos

SARAWAK POLLS: Firstly, I’m very surprised that PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has been permitted to enter Sarawak. Wasn’t he supposed to be on the “unsavoury characters” radar as well?

Adenan Satem must have a last-minute change of mind probably because he needed all the allies he could muster for the state elections.

But let’s leave Adenan aside for now and talk about Hadi.

Shocked I was not with Hadi’s statement that Sarawak should only be ruled by a “Bumiputra Muslim” because the PAS president is a known religious bigot.

But I was very disturbed that none of the BN people, Bumi or not, have come out to discredit Hadi’s remark which is certainly very racial and smacked of downright bigotry.

The Star quoted Hadi as saying on May 3 that “PAS will not allow non-Bumiputra – especially those from DAP – to rule Sarawak.

The PAS president said while the state could have leaders from various racial backgrounds, it had to be ruled by a Bumiputra Muslim to ensure a just leadership in accordance with Islamic principles.

“The Chinese, the Indians and other races are our leaders too, but they need to be led by a Muslim.

“That is why PAS wants Sarawak to be governed by the Muslim Bumiputera, not other races,” he said.

It’s really unfortunate that PAS followers in Sarawak have not informed their party president that unlike Malayans, Sarawakians do not bring up race or religion in their political campaigns or on other occasions.

Race and religion have never been an issue in Sarawak and Hadi and his ilk should have stayed away from our state and stop poking their noses into Sarawak affairs.

I am a Muslim Sarawakian and I see nothing wrong in having a Dayak Christian as chief minister if he or she is democratically elected by the people.

This is the Sarawakian way. We do not differentiate between a Muslim, a Christian or even a Buddhist chief minister.

Our first two chief ministers, Stephen Kalong Ningkan and Tawi Sli, were Dayak Christians. They served Sarawak well, even in the difficult early days of Malaysia.

The important thing is that the leader must not abuse his power, must stay away from corruption and must be genuinely interested in the welfare of the state and people.

Race and religion play no part in the Sarawakian way of choosing a leader.

So Hadi, please do not preach to us, Sarawakians, about how we should choose our chief minister.

Just look at yourself and PAS. Even Malayan Muslims have had enough of your holier-than-thou attitude. Why did so many PAS leaders and members quit the party to form Amanah?

Hadi, please clean up your own backyard first and stop preaching to us, Sarawakians. We do not need your unsolicited advice. – The Ant Daily

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