Malaysia’s open secret: Wilful Husbands Organisation (WHO)

by Mariam Mokhtar

QUICK TAKE: In Malaysia, Muslim women are often portrayed as disobedient or irresponsible. Some women join the Obedient Wives Club (OWC) and, working mothers have to be careful they are not labelled irresponsible, because their lives are ruled by the Internet.

However, very little has been written about the demanding and wilful husbands of obedient wives. For simplicity, we will say that their husbands are members of the Wilful Husbands Organisation (WHO).

Two men, who broke free from the clutches of the WHO, were asked about the ideal WHO man. The interview with Ahmad and Mat, not their real names, is below.

Ahmad claimed that the men in the WHO are serial husbands and said, “Most of these men desire to have as many wives as possible. Theirs is a combination of vanity, fear and insecurity.

“They look at themselves in a mirror and where we see an old, bald and pudgy man, they see Brad Pitt. They are afraid of getting old, being unwanted and unattractive.

“He may work as a salesman in an electrical shop, but tells his latest conquest, he is the manager of an electrical chain. A despatch rider is a traveling executive, a cleaner is an environmental engineer.

“They cannot twist their older first wives round their little finger, but they can mesmerise many younger women, especially the naïve ones, with tall tales, of make-believe.

Mat said, “The men in the WHO know how to worm their way into a woman’s heart. They make the woman feel loved and wanted. Some of them have only one purpose. To live-off their wives.

“Men in the WHO marry professional women. They tell their wives that as good and fair Muslims, they will treat them equally, by having a rota system.

“Some of the women are too foolish to realise they are being used. They are responsible for their own homes, their children, their cars and whatever else that needs doing.

“Their husband flits from house to house. He has few responsibilities. He isn’t even around for reading bedtime stories to the children, or helping with the homework. He does not even stay with the children, when they are ill.

“The wives are happy to be married, so they relieve him of all chores, like sending the children to school. He has the best of all worlds. No responsibilities. No cares.”

When asked why they left the WHO, Ahmad said, “I went to the funeral of a WHO man. There was a commotion when the man’s second and third wives, and their respective children, turned up to pay their respects. No one knew about the other wives.”

Mat said, “One of my friends became very ill, and was bedridden. None of his younger wives would care for him. The task was left to his first wife and the Tan Sri moved back with her, until his death. He regretted that money and position had only bought him cheap thrills.”

So much for obedient wives and wilful husbands. – The Ant Daily

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