Xavier, it’s Sarawak DAP’s call on opposition leader

by Zainal Yunos

COMMENT: Dr Xavier Jayakumar has done it again – rubbing more salt into the ‘wounded’ Pakatan Harapan in Sarawak.

When he stated that Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian should be made the Sarawak opposition leader, he should know that would make the DAP unhappy.

After the hostility between the DAP and PKR in the elections, the least Xavier could do is to allow time for the wounds to heal.

But he did not. Now the PKR veep is saying that Baru should be the opposition leader in order to help push for political change in the rural areas.

Now, listen. Is it PKR or DAP that has more seats in the Sarawak Legislative Assembly? At last count, PKR has only three seats while DAP has seven.

So the opposition leader should rightly come from the DAP.

Let’s face it. PKR and DAP leaders in Sarawak have not been cozy with each other for a long time.

Xavier’s condescending remark that Baru should lead the Sarawak opposition will certainly fracture the vulnerable DAP/PKR alliance even more.

Look at it this way. If you want a PKR man for the job, it means you don’t want the DAP guy. So how could such a statement from Xavier help to mend the rift?

Should the DAP retaliate, that would make for another round of public mudslinging which the people are fed up with.

Ironically, Xavier himself has conceded that the Opposition’s poor electoral showing was due to its infighting.

Then, don’t be part of the problem, Xavier. Let the Sarawak PKR boys handle their own affairs. They know what to do.

In fact, Xavier was part of the problem. Months before the elections when Patakan Harapan parties were involved in seat negotiation, Xavier came out strongly to declare that “some seats are non-negotiable”.

What is there to negotiate when PKR, through Xavier, has already claimed that some seats belong to PKR, so DAP has to stay out.

A negotiation has to begin on a clean slate. Otherwise, it’s not a negotiation.

One wonders why Xavier has been making unfriendly statements in Sarawak and who directed him to do so. Has he got the mandate from Dr Wan Azizah or Azmin Ali?

Sarawakians are very wary of Malayan politicians, whether from BN or the Opposition. And a PKR character like Xavier is one the Opposition in Sarawak can certainly do without.

If you cannot resolve the problem, then don’t be a part of the problem. – The Ant Daily

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  1. J says:

    I can’t agree more – Xavier you should just keep your comments to yourself. Let the Sarawak leaders communicate and discuss among themselves. They are so many things that opposition leaders should refrain from saying in public.

    Obviously leaders should be smarter in handling these issues.

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