Adenan, beware of temptations, never be another ‘White Hair’

by Zainal Yunos

VIEWPOINT: CM Adenan Satem, congratulations on your resounding victory in the elections. You are popular among Sarawakians, there is no doubt about that.

You have earned the right to bask in glory. You deserve your moment, for you have done well indeed.

After the elections, you have been impressive. You have directed your elected YBs to perform. Pity you didn’t warn them to “shape up or ship out”. You also asked them for a report card every six months. You have set a KPI for them. Excellent job in instilling a sense of responsibility in them as elected representatives.

We all know the beginning is always blissful. But as always, it’s easier said than done. So be ready for all eventualities.

One of my concerns, and that of many too, is how you would react when faced with temptations. You are now a very powerful man. The world is at your feet. Even if it’s just Sarawak, you already wield immense power over the state and people. That’s power enough for one man.

You will be tempted by the devil. Surely, you are aware there are greedy people without your ranks, within your inner circle and even within your family too. If I may borrow from you, they are also “unsavoury characters”. Yes, you are also surrounded by such people.

When it comes to family, it’s very difficult to turn them down. But remember, they are wayward family members too. They could be making use of your name to seek favours outside and make unscrupulous deals without your knowledge. Be warned. You are probably aware that this was already happening in your first two years in office. Be respectfully informed that this is public knowledge.

Why, you have already stated when you first became chief minister in 2014 that no family member of yours would be permitted to apply for ‘favours’ from you or the state government. We remember that and we will take your word for it.

Learn from the widely-publicised allegations of greed and blatant abuse of power about your predecessor and that of his family. In your heart, I believe you are painfully aware that many things were not right when he was CM for 33 years. I need not say more.

People will be requesting favours from you. Many will want projects, seducing you, your family members and your officers with promises of a cut, of course.

They say that corruption is something normal because it happens everywhere and in all governments. No Sir, it is not normal and it shouldn’t be normal in our beautiful Land of the Hornbills. Many of our fellow Sarawakians are still struggling in the under-privileged category and they need all the help the government can give them. With a transparent and accountable administration under your leadership and without graft, there will be more to go around to uplift the living standard of our fellow Sarawakians, especially our rural folks.

We have heard of certain political leaders who are called “Mr 20 Percent”. Of course, we all know why they are known as such. It’s very demeaning to be accorded that “20 percent” status! We hope you wouldn’t have to live with such a stigma for the rest of your life.

I recall in your campaign that you had declared that you are not “White Hair”. We want to believe you.

We know you are not ‘White Hair’ and we hope you will never be another ‘White Hair’. We have enough of ‘White Hair’. We want an assurance from you that we will not get a new ‘White Hair’ over the next five years.

Adenan, you must know that there are still many greedy and hungry wolves within your ranks. You have to garner and exhibit to all that you have the moral strength to overcome temptations. If you don’t, then we are back to square one – to the days of the ‘White Hair’.

So Adenan, be mindful of your promises to Sarawakians. Stay away from temptations. Stay away from the devil.

I sincerely wish you the best and may you have a fruitful, meaningful and successful five years as the chief minister of Sarawak. – The Ant Daily

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