Unfair to label all Jews as evil, says Raja Zarith Sofiah


PETALING JAYA: It is unfair to label all Jews as evil, says the Permaisuri of Johor, Raja Zarith Sofiah Sultan Idris Shah, who also expressly stated that she did not care if her statements made her unpopular.

According to The Star Online, she said that what she did care about was being a good Muslim and a decent human being.

“For so long now, most Malaysian Muslims see all Jews as wicked and evil. That is like believing that all Muslims are good when we know some have acted against the very teachings of Islam.

“Listen to what Rabbi Michael Learner has to say about Muslims, about Israel, about Palestine, about peace, and you will understand that it is wrong to pass judgement on anyone,” she was quoted as saying.

Raja Zarith, consort of the Sultan of Johor, said that she had Jewish friends who had shown her kindness and compassion especially during her darker days.

“I am also honoured to have Palestinian friends who have remained brave and are still filled with hope that one day there will be peace in their homeland.

“I have lived through the unimaginable as a mother and it has changed me. I now do not care if what I believe in makes me unpopular. What I would like to achieve is to be a good Muslim and a decent human being.

Realising that her Facebook posting may not be read by some members of the public due to her use of English instead of Bahasa Malaysia, Raja Zarith then criticised the national education system for the difficulty that some had in reading, writing or even communicating in English.

“Why do I think that English is an important language? Because being able to read books, magazine articles, online news, and websites, or listen to lectures by eminent scholars, or watch fascinating and fact-filled documentaries in English opens up such a vast world of knowledge.”

Late last year, her 25-year-old son, Tunku Abdul Jalil, died after a long battle with liver cancer.

Having gone through what many have said is perhaps the toughest experience for a parent, Raja Zarith said she is now no longer affected by nasty comments directed towards her.

“After going through the hellish moment of seeing my son take his last breath, there isn’t much else which can be worse or more painful so I think I can live with that.” – FMT

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