Marina laments absence of ‘moral leadership’ in government today


PETALING JAYA: A religious leader stating that war should be waged on non-believers of Islam and a ban on saree-wearing by the Ipoh City Council that have gone without criticism by those in government shows there is an absence of “moral leadership” in the country, alleged activist Marina Mahathir.

“There is simply no moral leadership in this country, no one in Govern­ment who has the courage to point out what is patently wrong in our society today,” Marina wrote in her latest column published by English daily The Star today.

She was referring to a religious leader, who she said despite it being the holy month of Ramadan, decided to declare that non-Muslims should be killed.

“Shockingly, he is not getting admonished by his superiors for such uncharitable talk about fellow citizens in the month of restraint,” she observed despite all right-thinking people, Muslim and non-Muslim, reacting badly to his statement, she said.

Concluding it was likely because this particular individual wore a “turban and long gown,” she added, “They seem to think that God speaks through him so his word cannot be challenged.”

Marina also ridiculed the Ipoh City Council for offering the “lame excuse” that when they stated in an invitation card that sarees were not allowed at a recent event, they only meant “what you should not wear when you’re out in the field”, although the event was presumably an indoor one with food, she pointed out.

“What I wish most, really, is that one of our leaders has enough of a conscience to step up and say ‘Enough!’ and tell everyone to stop this nonsense,” she said, adding however that considering the “calibre” of those in the Cabinet, such a reprimand would never be given.

“If this continues, then they may find they (government leaders) are ruling a country with no people.

“Sooner or later, (more) Malaysians may decide that it’s time for Mexit,” she said, drawing parallels to the recent Brexit, where the people of Britain voted to leave the European Union. – FMT

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