‘Non-Muslims only fear political exploitation of hudud’


GEORGE TOWN: Non-Muslims fear the exploitation of Shariah law for political purposes, says DAP’s P Ramasamy.

The Penang Deputy Chief Minister II was responding to PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s claim that those who opposed the implementation of punitive hudud law in Kelantan were afraid it would “get more non-believers to embrace Islam”.

In a statement slamming Hadi for refusing to comprehend why non-Muslims oppose the bill, Ramasamy stressed that non-Muslims find solace in their respective faiths and belief systems.

“But given Hadi’s narrow sectarian thinking, he just cannot imagine what it would be like if a particular religious law is imposed forcibly on members of other faiths.”

Hadi’s comments on non-Muslims and hudud were made at an Aidilfitri gathering aimed at displaying support for the private members’s bill to enhance the powers of the Shariah courts.

This is not the first time the Marang lawmaker made such a remark.

In an interview with PAS’ mouthpiece Harakah recently, Hadi said exactly the same thing, explaining that people would learn to appreciate Islam and embrace the religion once they realised the effectiveness of hudud in maintaining law and order.

Many of those who oppose the contentious bill argue that it would pave the way for hudud to be implemented in its entirety in Kelantan.

Ramasamy went on to state that it would be better for Hadi to focus instead on strengthening his own party.

“Hadi should resolve problems stemming from its own party, such as why thousands have left the party for some other political fold.”

Earlier this year it was reported that some 200,000 PAS members had left the party. Prior to these members quitting the party, PAS claimed to have 1,000,300 members. – FMT

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