Resign or be replaced, Ahmad Said tells Ahmad Razif


PETALING JAYA: Resign or risk having the state government be replaced.

That’s the ultimatum Terengganu’s Kijal assemblyman Ahmad Said has given state Menteri Besar Ahmad Razif Abd Rahman, reports The Star.

Ahmad Said, the former menteri besar, said he would possibly quit Umno and join forces with PAS to form the next government, should Ahmad Razif fail to heed his warning.

According to Ahmad Said, he has “a lot of secrets” on Ahmad Razif, and dared the latter to not let him spill the beans.

He also claimed that there was “massive sabotage” at the time he was MB and that Ahmad Razif had met him twice to “confess” what had happened. However, he decided to shoulder the responsibility and spared Ahmad Razif, he added.

“Ahmad Razif should thank his lucky stars that he is still the Menteri Besar.

“He should remember that he is still the Menteri Besar because of my ehsan (courtesy),” he claimed.

Currently, BN has 17 seats, Pas has 14 and PKR 1, in Terengganu and any rebellion by BN reps would result in a hung state assembly – at which point the menteri besar would be forced to seek an audience with the Sultan to either resign or dissolve the state assembly.

The relationship between Ahmad Said and Ahmad Razif became strained after the former was forced to step down as menteri besar in May 2014. – FMT

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