Doctor who allegedly treated PM and wife resigns from anti-ageing society

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The doctor who purportedly treated Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor has resigned as the vice-president of an anti-ageing organisation.

This was revealed by the president of the organisation Dr Selvam Rengasamy in a statement today.

“Dr Sidiq (Mohamed) has since resigned as vice-president of Sahamm (Society for the Advancement of Hormones and Healthy Aging Medicine Malaysia) as he does not want Sahamm to be dragged into a matter involving him in his personal capacity,” he said.

Sidiq was named in a Sarawak Report article based on an email communication between the website and Sahamm.

This followed an earlier claim that a high-ranking individual had used RM1.15 million from the diverted SRC International funds to purchase anti-ageing growth hormones.

Sidiq did not respond to Malaysiakini’s multiple requests for comment.

Malaysiakini can’t independently verify the claims made by Sarawak Report.

Meanwhile, Selvam said Sahamm is not aware of the payments made to Sidiq by any of his clients.

He clarified that Sahamm is not a clinic but a non-profit organisation which promotes anti-ageing treatments.

He said the organisation mainly engaged in teaching and dissemination of information on anti-ageing treatments.

“We approached Sarawak Report to explain after we were inundated with queries from patients and professional partners overseas,” he added.

Selvam has written an open letter to Sarawak Report after the site published the article alleging the purchase of anti-ageing growth hormones.

He claimed that the article had tarnished his reputation as well as that of Sahamm.

“I write this e-mail without prejudice or malice. I am not taking any political position.

“I am writing to appeal to your highest journalistic ideals and principles that you expose (sic) in Sarawak Report and ask that you help correct some gross inaccuracies with respect to your Aug 3 story.

“I am saddened and surprised by the above article that has tarnished my reputation and that of Sahamm,” the letter read.

Selvam, who is a certified obstetrician and gynaecologist with 32 years of experience, insisted in his letter that he is a “clinician” and is not involved in any politics.

He does not treat the prime minister or his wife or any politicians, he said.

“I am the president of Sahamm and Sidiq is the vice-president and this is the only professional relationship we have,” he said.

Previously, Najib had admitted that RM42 million of SRC money had ended up in his personal accounts.

However, attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali cleared the prime minister of any wrongdoing, saying Najib had no knowledge, nor was he informed, that funds from SRC were transferred to him.

Najib has repeatedly denied abusing public funds for personal gain, and accused those behind the allegations of conspiring to topple him. – Malaysiakini

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