Leiking: I trust Shafie and he trusts me


PETALING JAYA: Penampang MP Darell Leiking has declared that he has complete trust in his new leader, former Umno vice-president Shafie Apdal.

In an interview with FMT, Leiking opened up about his recent exit from PKR to join Shafie’s party and his working relationship with the Semporna MP.

Shafie recently announced that he had “taken over” a registered Sabah-based multiracial party. The name of the party has yet to be revealed.

Addressing rumours that he quit PKR, of which he was a vice- president, for a RM5 million payoff, Leiking said there was no truth in such talk.

He also said his resignation was not the result of dissatisfaction with anyone in PKR or the party itself.

“I made the decision to form a new party together with Shafie because we both felt a Sabahan multiracial party was the best way forward,” he said.

Asked why he had decided to join forces with Shafie when there were other Sabahan platforms around, such as SAPP and Star, he said it was down to a shared vision for Sabah.

“Shafie and I share common views, ideals and visions for Sabah,” he said. “We agree that Sabahans deserve a better deal.”

Leiking said he completely trusted Shafie and was certain that Shafie trusted him in their quest for a better Sabah.

Leiking also addressed doubts that had been expressed about his party’s ability to defeat Barisan Nasional. He said it would work hard to win the coming general election in cooperation with all like-minded opposition parties.

Asked whether he resented the presence of peninsula-based parties in the state, he said he didn’t see it as an issue, adding that he believed voters in Sabah were mature enough to decide which party had the vision they could subscribe to. – FMT

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