Red Shirts wanted for alleged assault

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PETALING JAYA: Police are tracking down the Red Shirt protesters involved in alleged assaults on two motorcyclists wearing Bersih t-shirts, when a convoy of Bersih supporters passed through Sabak Bernam.

Sabak Bernam OCPD Supt Nor Azmi Isa confirmed police are currently hunting down the suspects, adding that police are investiga­ting the incident and will only classify the case once an arrest is made.

Supt Nor Azmi also denied reports saying that three Red Shirt protesters had been arrested over the alleged assault yesterday.

A videoclip accompanying the news showed one of the motorcyclists being kicked twice by the protesters.

A policeman reportedly came to the aid of the assaulted motorcyclist.

The incident happened after a Bersih convoy from Teluk Intan passed by.

The two motorcyclists were said to have been wearing yellow coloured Bersih T-shirts.

A news portal quoted police as saying that the motorcyclists were heading home and had used the road occupied by the Red Shirt protesters.

In Tawau, two vehicles belonging to participants of the Bersih 5 gathering were damaged by unknown individuals yesterday.

Bersih Sabah chairman Beverly Joeman said the vehicles were part of a convoy that had stopped near the Tawau central market to distribute some leaflets.

One of the affected vehicle owners was Mohd Khairuddin Daud, 26, whose car’s front windscreen was cracked.

Mohd Khairuddin, who lodged a police report, said that the rear windscreen of a friend’s car was also damaged in the 11.30am incident. – Star Online

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