Help the Malays’ and all is forgiven, says a baffled Art Harun


PETALING JAYA: The actions of a segment of the Malay population in defending motivational speaker Azizan Osman, following revelations he “misled, if not lied” to the public about his multiple doctorates, has prominent lawyer Azhar Harun baffled.Azhar, who is more popularly known as Art Harun, commented on his Facebook page today about the reactions from the public, especially some Malays, following official statements from three local universities and one in the United Kingdom (UK), that Azizan was not given any doctorate, as he had claimed.“The argument (by some Malays) is that we should overlook the fact that he has misled the public because he has helped thousands of Malays.

“This offers a peek into how some Malays actually think. It is okay that he lied because he has helped our race,” Art said of the Malays who had taken to social media to defend Azizan.

Art said he believed the same mentality could be applied to the country’s political landscape.

“It is small wonder then that corrupt and abusive leaders are allowed to hold public office and to regard public properties as their own by many Malays, just because they (the leaders) have ‘helped the Malays’,” he added.

The lawyer, whose Facebook posts commonly go viral, also suggested that the same way of thinking could even explain the “contemporary ‘trend’ of marrying off victims of rape to their rapists.”

“In the rapist scenario, I suppose it is alright for him to rape his victim because he has now agreed to ‘help’ her by marrying her.

“It is (as if it’s) alright for them to get married because the rapist has apologised and now agreed to make an honourable woman out of his victim,” Art said.

He joked that it would seem that all one had to do these days was “help the Malays” and all wrongdoings would be “overlooked and even forgiven.”

Mocking this simplistic manner of thinking, Art said, “I therefore resolve from today onward to help the Malays.” – FMT

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