Stunning math teacher scores high with Malaysians

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PETALING JAYA: Math has suddenly become the favourite subject of Malaysians following the arrival of the hottest Math teacher in the world.

According to her Instagram page, the stunning Oksana Neveselaya has been in Malaysia since Oct 1, however, her exact date of arrival is uncertain.

The beauty from Belarus became an overnight celebrity after a video of her teaching math went viral six days ago.

She now has over 167,000 followers on Instagram and almost 7,000 followers on her Facebook page, which was created a mere two days ago.

It is unclear if the Facebook page was created by her but the bio describes Neveselaya as a “Belarusian professor” who shows that “sensuality and intelligence go hand in hand”.

Pictures on Instagram indicate that Nevelesaya is currently on holiday and is travelling around Malaysia.

Her first picture was taken at KL Tower on Oct 1.

She has since been to Langkawi, Batu Caves and Genting Highlands.

Each of her pictures have garnered no less than 4,000 likes, with, of course, the most number of likes going to a picture of Neveselaya displaying her womanly assets.

Instagram user muhdmaaher, who posted “Hi teacher, please teach me some knowledge”, was only one of hundreds of Malaysians who have appeared keen on being taught math by the bombshell.

Some Instagram users even showed off their poetic sides, like ashraf.mhd who wrote: “1+1=2, two can be together like me and you, 2+2=4, so what are we waiting for?”

If you do bump into Nevelesaya, do learn some math and take a picture or a video of the lesson and share it on social media. Who knows, you could be the next thing to go viral. – Star Online

© Provided by The Star Online

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