Pandikar Amin: If I’m a disgrace, so are all MPs

Pandikar Amin chairing a sitting in Parliament

Pandikar Amin chairing a sitting in Parliament 

KUALA LUMPUR: Parliament Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia hit out at Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng for calling him a disgrace, saying MPs can disagree with his decisions via the proper channel.

“Come on man, am I really a disgrace to parliament? Does my action to reprimand a parliamentarian who disobeyed the standing order make me a disgrace?” he said.

On Tuesday, Pandikar Amin ordered Lim to be removed from the special chambers after they got into an argument.

Lim later held a press conference and called Pandikar Amin a disgrace and for his resignation.

Pandikar Amin stressed that it was his duty to prioritise the standing order.

“If anyone hates Pandikar don’t hate the position of the Speaker because that is the head of the House.

“If anyone disagrees with the decision of the Speaker, then table a motion and I will include it in the standing order. But do not condemn the position of the Speaker,” he said.

He added that if he was a disgrace, then so were all members of parliament.

“You people tell me if I’m really a disgrace, then I will go out.

“But if I am to do that, then all of us have to resign because all of us are a disgrace,” he said.

Pandikar Amin pointed out that it wasn’t right for Beruas MP Ngeh Koo Ham to ask for the Speaker to be referred to the rights and privileges committee.

“I can’t think anymore. Don’t ridicule the Speaker. When you were challenging me to resign, you were enjoying it,” he said.

Pandikar Amin said he was also disappointed by claims that he was appointed and not elected as the Speaker.

“I did not come here from a village and appoint myself.

“I was appointed under the Federal constitution and the motion was tabled by the council head and his deputy.

“I was contested by a former Chief Justice and I was chosen by parliamentarians,” he said. – Star Online

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