Zuraida: No yellow shirts were at scuffle

PETALING JAYA: Ampang PKR MP Zuraida Kamaruddin (pic) said that her team of Bersih supporters were well away from the Ampang Point shopping mall when a scuffle took place between the red shirts and the police.

Zuraida also said that she would take legal action against red shirts leader Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos for claiming that he was assaulted by one of her supporters on Sunday.

“They were trying to attack us. This was at Ampang Point where I wanted to distribute goodies to my constituents.  When we were there, we saw them coming through the back door, so I turned around to go out the front door. As I was heading towards the front door, they charged at me from behind, shouting,” Zuraida said.

“Alhamdulillah, once I stepped out, the police came in through the front door as well and did not allow the red shirt to jump on me. I want to thank the Ampang police, they did a good job blocking these people,” said Zuraida, who added that her team did not “do anything”.

She added that once the Bersih supporters exited the building, a scuffle took place between the red shirts and the police.

“None of the yellow shirts were there at the scuffle. If you see the video, you won’t see any yellow shirts. Only red and black. The black were the police. My boys left with me. Some of them went out the side doors,” said Zuraida.

“When Jamal was punched he was so angry and said that the police punched him. But after second thoughts, he put the blame on us. He wants to put us in a bad light,” she said.

The red shirts leader and his supporters had spent most of the day pursuing Zuraida and her Bersih supporters throughout her constituency, mocking them as an LGBT group.

The red shirts showed up outside Ampang Point around 3pm to again harass Bersih supporters when Jamal was seen shoving a man in a Bersih shirt before police stepped in.

Shortly after, the red shirts and Jamal ran into the mall to pursue Zuraida again when police again blocked their way.

A heated scuffle between the police and the red shirts ensued, ending with two red shirts being arrested and Jamal bleeding from his nose.

He later claimed that he was punched by one of Zuraida’s men.

Jamal later lodged a police report of the incident at Ampang Jaya police headquarters. – Star Online

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