What are cops trying to prove in raid on Bersih?

By Andy Yong

COMMENT What is the police trying to prove by raiding the Bersih office a day before the assembly?

I do not condone any act that wants to overthrow a government in an undemocratic manner, but we must understand we do not live in a lawless country. The authorities should not interpret the laws according to their whims and fancies.

In what way is Bersih attempting to carry out activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy as stipulated under sec 124C?

If it is because of tomorrow’s assembly why don’t they raid the red-shirts’ premises as well?

Or is there any proof that by accepting George Soros’ donation, Bersih is also attempting to commit an act against parliamentary democracy?

To constitute an offence under Section 124C of the Penal Code, an attempted activity to overthrow parliamentary democracy, or undermine parliamentary democracy, must be proven.

The Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA) allows their peaceful assembly tomorrow, it is also the citizens’ constitutional right.

If it is the inspector-general of police (IGP) who ordered such a raid, he should not takes the law into his own hands. Malaysia is not a police state.

By doing so, it will make most people, especially from the urban areas, to hate the government more.

ANDY YONG is the deputy Youth chief of Gerakan.

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