Withdraw election plans, Dr M tells Ibrahim Ali

Ibrahim-AliPUTRAJAYA: Dr Mahathir Mohamad is willing to give Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali the chance to drop his plan of putting up “spoiler” candidates in the next general election.

Speaking to the media at the Perdana Leadership Foundation here today, the former prime minister said there was no doubt that Ibrahim was working for Prime Minister Najib Razak when he revealed Perkasa’s plan to field 50 candidates in Malay-majority parliamentary seats at the next general election.“He works for Najib, because he knows that if there are more candidates, it will only benefit BN.

“I will still give him a chance, but he should withdraw his plan. Don’t make us be forced to have three-cornered fights. If that happens, only Najib will win,” Mahathir said.

Admitting that the Malay rights group leader was his friend, Mahathir said Ibrahim had always supported whatever he did, but only when it came to his (Ibrahim) own interests.

“His people know that he cannot live without attention. I am embarrassed that while he is our friend, he still will not join (Parti Pribumi) Bersatu (Malaysia) because we are with DAP, while he supports MCA, who are worse,” Mahathir said.

The 91-year-old elder statesmen hoped Ibrahim would realise that it was better to work with DAP and the rest of the opposition who want to uphold the Federal Constitution, rather than with MIC or MCA, which had not made a similar declaration.

Mahathir, who was the former patron of Perkasa, also advised the former Pasir Mas MP to stop supporting Najib, no matter how much money he got because such an act would be “haram”.

Ibrahim had said after Perkasa’s annual assembly on Sunday that he would be fielding 50 independent candidates with convincing backgrounds and careers.

He said, they would include former high-ranking civil servants, experienced lawyers, professionals and religious figures. – FMT

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