Mahathir: Obama was talking about 1MDB


KUALA LUMPUR: US President Barack Obama alluded to the 1MDB case during his speech at the Lima Convention Centre, in Peru, on Nov 20, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today.

In talking about the need to improve and maintain the world order, Obama said everyone had to do their part as there were limits to the reach of the US into other countries which oppressed their people or “siphon all development funds into Swiss bank accounts because they are corrupt”.

Obama, however, did not mention 1MDB or Malaysia.

In his latest blog posting, Mahathir said Prime Minister Najib Razak, who was also there, “must have heard it.

Taking questions after his speech, Obama had spoken about the existing framework of the world order and how it had worked for the vast majority of people, including America and other nations.

This included the notion of democracy and rule of law, a free press, an independent judiciary, open markets, a social welfare state to moderate some of the sharp edges of capitalism, lifting up issues of human rights, and investing in public health and development, not just within the US but elsewhere in the world, he had said.

According to the text of the speech and question and answer session uploaded onto the White House website, Obama went on to say that it was the responsibility of everyone to improve this world order and maintain it.

“And America can’t do it all for everybody else. There are limits to our reach into other countries if they’re determined to oppress their people, or not provide girls with education, or siphon all development funds into Swiss bank accounts because they are corrupt. We’re not going to be able to handle every problem,” Obama added.

Mahathir said Najib had managed to have a picture of himself shaking hands with “his golf partner”, Obama at the conference.

“The Malaysian controlled media showed this picture proudly.”

In a note to the blog, Mahathir said Obama was right when he said there were limits to the US’s reach into other countries, but added that “the money laundering of 1MDB money was done in the United States of America”. – FMT

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