Teresa Kok slammed for calling new senator a racist

Umno-Youth-executive-member-Shahril-Hamdan PETALING JAYA: DAP’s Teresa Kok needs to look herself in the mirror before accusing newly appointed senator, Khairul Azwan Harun, of racism, says Umno Youth.

Umno Youth executive member Shahril Hamdan said the Seputeh MP’s behaviour and her silence on racist remarks from her colleagues, made her criticism of Azwan who is also the wing’s vice chief, hypocritical.

“Kok is in no position to accuse others of being unstatesmanlike or unworthy of a seat in Parliament.

“We can recall her tasteless 2014 CNY video where she made fun of the Malaysian education system and made light of the 2013 Lahad Datu intrusion on the way to mocking the nation’s top leaders,” Shahril said in a statement.

“Note her silence on the continuous racist and anti-Malay remarks by her party colleagues such as Nga Kor Ming’s ‘black metallic’ remark about the Perak menteri besar, Superman Hew’s ‘screw the Malays’ video, or Jeff Ooi’s insensitive tweet on the passing of Allahyarham Datuk Dr Harun Din.”

Kok had questioned Azwan’s recent appointment as a Senator, citing his allegedly “racist” speech at the recent Umno general assembly.

Azwan, had warned the Chinese of a possible backlash should they continue to reject BN.

He said continued support for the “anti-Muslim” DAP could see Umno and other Bumiputera-based parties emerge victors in the next general election.

He said, for example, the government might likely give less attention to Chinese vernacular schools or may abolish Chinese schools completely.

Shahril, however, defended Azwan’s appointment as senator, saying that the latter had a good record of championing youth issues.

“Azwan has been championing youth issues for many years from both inside and outside Umno’s platform. Thus, his appointment is only well-deserved and a testament to his efforts and achievements,” Shahril said.

Shahril also argued that Kok’s questioning of Azwan’s appointment amounted to questioning the Agong’s judgement, given the fact that it is the King who appoints Senators on the prime minister’s advice.

“Given her history of brazen disrespect for institutions in our country, I would not be surprised if she was either unaware of, or unconcerned about, the implications of her statement,” Shahril said.

“Kok has not spoken out against the Penang state government practising institutional, structural and systematic racism via discriminatory policies against the Malays in Penang.

“Examples include the demolition of Malay hawker stalls in Teluk Bahang and the eviction of Malay residents in Kampung Mutiara.” – FMT

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