Well said, Rafidah, but you need to do more than that

YOURSAY | ‘Are you not embarrassed to see a 91-year-old made to carry the cross for us?’

Rafidah: Dr M not welcome, but ‘scandal-plagued’ leaders are?

Trueglitter: Our nation has been languishing in disparagements and political degradations for so long under the corrupt and manipulative practices of the Umno-led BN government helmed by PM Najib Razak that the timely emergence of former minister Rafidah Aziz to articulate her displeasures cum astonishments over the mysterious withdrawal of invite to Dr Mahathir Mohamad by the keeper of the royal seal is deemed laudable and appropriate.

Discerning observers are in total agreement that Rafidah’s views on the political evolvements in the country’s affairs are often accompanied by depth of insight and wisdom in her analysis.

However, the only factor that will run contrary and inevitably negate her invaluable contributions as the nation’s “moral barometer” in a climate of political uncertainties and mismanagement of our country’s affairs would be her disappointing scarcity and unwillingness to emerge from under the shadows of ministerial retirement to courageously express her viewpoints generously.

Thinkingmachine: Yes, it is very unfair to bar Mahathir from attending the installation ceremony of the new king. Apart from his political beliefs, he was one of the finest statesmen that our country has produced.

He is still revered by many kampong folks. I hope the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong himself will send an invitation to him.

Just A Malaysian: Where is our balance of power? Who is totally in charge of all the institutions in this country? Does ‘cash is king’ apply to all?

Send in the Clowns: Rafidah, are you hinting you will soon join forces with our gallant Dr M?

Are you not embarrassed to see a 91-year-old made to carry the cross for us? I may not condone some of his past misdeeds, but I definitely admire his fighting spirit and courage.

Goldee: “Once a mentor to Najib, Mahathir has organised a concerted effort to remove the prime minister, accusing him of corruption.”

Asking Najib to resign is very mild indeed. Anwar Ibrahim had gone through hell, not once but twice.

Worst of all was that he was charged for a crime that he did not commit.


Worldly Wise: Well said, Rafidah! Please join Bersih to fight for justice for all and clean elections.

Appum: Rafidah, your observations are real, your statements are valid, but what and where are your suitable and corrective course of actions?

Your action serves more effectively than 100 of the commentators here. Go then into action to save this country from someone out to destroy it.

I have no love for Dr M but you did. You worked with him. I do not agree with many of Dr M’s policies, but in order to save this country from destruction like you said, I am prepared to forego my personal feelings and work for that one objective we all share – removing Najib.

I went for Bersih 5, Tun went for Bersih 5, why didn’t you?

Rupert16: Indeed, this reflects the very poor state of our country – corrupt officials are honoured, while the true patriots who whistleblow are being put behind bars.

Ex-minister: Cancellation was to avoid awkward Najib-Mahathir meet

Anonymous 122461436161429: This is just another example of the game, which seems to involve the royalty, is being played. Is it a problem if the invitation is withdrawn?

Yes, it’s in bad taste and rude, and the people can see it is just another stunt. But the more important issues are corruption, theft, kleptocracy, bad governance, arrest and detention of innocents, the destruction of the rule of law and the mess the country is in.

We really don’t care if Najib or Dr M see each other or not.

Anonymous 2362021442199789: An upright leader who upholds the truth and is principled will have no fear because his conscience is clear. The truth will be like an impregnable coat of armour that will shield him from his detractors.

He will fear no man or for that matter even his maker on the Day of Reckoning. So why fear the possibility of a little ’embarrassment’?

Trueglitter: No amount of explanation by former minister Zainuddin Maidin would be able to quell the rising tides of anger and dissatisfaction the general public are going through when the ostensible cancellation of invite was clearly seen as under the guise of a political nature to demonise the widely-respected statesperson.

They said explanation has been made even more murky and indigestible by the surprising emergence of Zainuddin who holds neither the authoritative status within government nor an acknowledged spokesperson for the royal household.

In fact, the ever-watchful rakyat are understandably perplexed at Zainuddin’s “in-depth” knowledge and unbelievable details for the true reasons of retraction of Mahathir’s invitation without condemning him as a newly recruited stooge for the manipulative and conniving Najib.

The opportunistic and vulnerable Zainuddin will do well for himself to call “a spade a spade” without mincing his utterances for self-grandiosity.

Nil: If Dr M had already accepted (in good faith) the invitation, then the cancellation is more of rejecting the sincerity of his presence than the withdrawal of the invitation.

For such an event, the “awkward meeting” mentioned is irrelevant. Dr M will surely know what to do. Najib should too.

Send in the Clowns: Under public pressure and to regain some dignity to the sultans, there is a good possibility for a change of mind by the keeper of the ruler’s seal.

However, Tun, you may still have to bring along two folding chairs, for yourself and your good lady.

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