When will Najib call for elections?

PETALING JAYA: Analysts believe Prime Minister Najib Razak will call the next general election (GE14) in October next year, if not in April or May.

This was the finding by The Straits Times newspaper which polled several political watchers to second-guess the PM. They told the Singapore paper they expect the GE14 to be held in October, as Najib would want to ride on the feel good factor of the SEA games and National Day in August, as well as the 2018 Budget, which is usually announced that month.

Amir Fareed Rahim, an analyst with the KRA Group, said GE14 might be held in late October and possibly early November.

“Success in the SEA Games, big celebrations and Budget goodies; the narrative will be, if you want all these, vote us back in,” he told the paper.

The paper also pointed out that April or May were possible as traditionally, a general election has not been held during the fasting month or the weeks after, or during monsoon months at the end of the year.

So this left April and May as two possible “clear slots” for GE14, according to political watchers.

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies fellow Mustafa Izzudin said Najib would call GE14 on two main factors.

“Socially, Najib will continue stressing Malay unity and supremacy, alongside the predominance of Islam.

“He will call for the elections when he believes the above twin-emphasis has helped to consolidate the ground support of the Malays to win him the elections.”

The next general election must be held before August 24, 2018. – FMT

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