Selangor to ban retail use of plastic bags in 2017


PETALING JAYA: The Selangor government’s “No Plastic Bag Day” campaign, now held on Saturdays, will be extended to every day of the week starting 2017.

Elizabeth Wong said the state government will couple this with the polystyrene-free containers campaign next year.

“Beginning Jan 1, 2017, all retailers in Selangor will no longer provide polystyrene containers and free single-use plastic bags.

“Local council by-laws have been revised to support this policy and retailers must agree to go plastic-free when applying for or renewing their licences.

“All retailers will be provided with visual materials to build awareness of the #BebasPlastik campaign,” she said at the #BebasPlastik campaign launch at the Selangor state secretariat building today.

Wong, who is Green, Technology, Environment, Tourism and Consumer Affairs Committee chairman, said the state government through research found that 71% of Selangorians felt that the “No Plastic Bag Day” on Saturdays was insufficient.

“We need change and we are committed to this change by making it a policy to fight rampant littering and to address environmental issues like global warming.

“The Selangor government has also stopped using plastic bags and polystyrene at all official events and buildings.

“Change can only happen when every level of society gets involved in the effort,” she said.

The state aims to collect 20,000 pledges by the new year.

Selangor started the “No Plastic Bag Day” in 2010 with support from most supermarkets, mini markets and retail premises every Saturday.

Customers are charged 20 sen for each plastic bag they require and the money is chanelled to charity bodies or consumerism programmes and environmental conservation efforts. – FMT

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One Response to Selangor to ban retail use of plastic bags in 2017

  1. ktwong87 says:

    Elizabeth Wong is well-meaning, but her plan to eradicate use of plastic bags is not properly thought out. There are legitimate uses for plastic bags – like with purchases of fresh fish or taugeh [bean sprouts] for instance. Her big stick approach will not be well received.

    What is more, the big issues of DASH and SUKE highways keep resurfacing, and the Selangor government seems to be wavering even after repeated promises and assurances. Ms Wong needs to stand firm on the environment impact of these two highways too, and help ensure that MB Azmin does not go back on what the people have been promised.

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