DAP activist: Trump is not anti-Islam, but pro-US

 By Abdul Aziz Isa

One wonders why some politicians here are upset by news of US President Donald Trump, who signed an executive order to ban the entry of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Sudan and Somalia to the United States.

Has President Trump yet banned anyone from Malaysia from entering the US?

Trump has blocked the citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, which, according to his administration, is a move to address the growing problem of terrorism.

Another reason cited was because the region is the hotbed of radical Islamic terrorists, and the administration wishes to contain it.

The question is, is it wrong for a head-of-state to take such actions purportedly to defend the borders of his own country from potential terrorist threats? Was not Trump elected by the voters on this very platform?

Is he not doing what his voters expect him to do? Is not this part of an overhaul of their own immigration system? The US may be divided, but hasn’t Trump the mandate of his people?

When Barack Obama became US president, there were 26,171 bombs dropped on the seven majority-Muslim countries. This was despite the Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded to him just after he took office.

Why has none of the Muslim leaders in our country condemned Obama? Trump may be rough in his words, but no bombs have yet been dropped by him, no attack or invasion has yet to take place.

And in all honesty, I do not believe Trump is anti-Muslim. He is clearly preoccupied, rightly or wrongly, with jihadists, especially those from the IS group.

If Trump is truly anti-Muslim, why he has only banned the entry of people from these seven countries as mentioned above?

Why has he not banned other people from Muslim-majority countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Palestine, Tunisia and Egypt?

Here in Malaysia, we denounce the entry of illegal immigrants from entering our country, especially on the borders of coastal of Sabah.

We also criticise the massive influx of over three million immigrants from Myanmar, Nepal and Bangladesh into our country.

The ever-increasing mass of immigrants, legal and illegal, is likely to deprive our country of her sovereignty.

The question here is whether we want to see the poorest of our citizens here continue to live in poverty, while foreign workers dominate every niche of menial jobs that could have gone to our own people? Is our priority the foreigners or locals?

Are we willing to see our borders being compromised by the terrorists, as what had happened in Lahad Datu a few years back?

Are we willing to see our own innocent civilians bombed by terrorists, who managed to come in from abroad as a result of our own negligence on border security?

Good leaders are expected to defend the borders and sovereignty of their countries.

Similarly, it is our patriotic duty to support any government that seeks to protect and defend our own borders and sovereignty regardless of race, religion or political affiliation.

It is not racism to protect our own borders but it is an act of patriotism. We should learn to look after our own backyard instead of nosing about into other countries’ affairs.

Otherwise we are no better than PAS and Umno, who were always so keen to protest issues concerning Middle-Eastern countries thousands of kilometres away, but could not be bothered to lift a finger when it comes the plight of our own Malaysians, such as the Orang Asli or the Penan. – Malaysiakini

ABDUL AZIZ ISA, a member of Sarawak DAP, was DAP’s Batu Kitang candidate in the 2016 Sarawak elections.

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