A failed party running a failed state, Lim slams PAS

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP continued its attacks on former ally PAS by stating that it was a failed party which was administering a failed state.

DAP secretary-general and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was reported as saying that PAS was not only administering a failed state but also a bankrupt one.

New Straits Times reported Lim as saying that in the PAS-ruled Kelantan, people remained poor, with its flood victims failing to receive any housing after three years.

“The state has also cleared 100,000 hectares of its forests as it has no other financial resources. And now, even their orang asli community are being stopped.

“This is a failed state. And now, they are covering their weaknesses by playing up racial sentiments.

“This is a bad thing and against their principles and morals,” he was quoted as saying in NST today.

Lim was also reported as saying that he believed Islam does not permit one to propagate racial sentiments.

“But this is what is being played by PAS,” he added.

Merely a play

Meanwhile, the MCA Youth wing charged that DAP’s action of severing ties with PAS was merely a play.

“They are keen to play the same drama to deceive their audiences.

“But now things seemed to change, as DAP is only interested to defend its political interests and no longer has the courage to go against PAS,” MCA Youth secretary general Leong Kim Soon in a statement.

“DAP only expects to cheat more votes from the Chinese community, without severing ties with PAS,” he added.

He said Malaysians at large would no longer believe in DAP.

Leong also claimed that DAP has intentions of working with PAS for the fourth time in the coming 14th general election, in order to fish votes from the non-Muslim community.

DAP is most likely to manipulate ‘Double Pakatan working mode’ – Pakatan Harapan plus PPBM and PAS plus PPBM.

“This is to mislead the Chinese voters into believing that they did not work directly with PAS. Instead it is Pakatan Harapan that wants to work with PAS, and DAP has nothing to do with it,” he said. – Berita Daily

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