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This Eulogy is formed of the following varied sprung verses:

1. Tok Nan was a star rising in the Sarawak twilight dawn,
Destined to fulfil our dreams and destiny striving for more
Grants and Royalty clawing back under IGC Report, MA 1963 Constitutions for empowerment and autonomy we adore.

2. “I live for my country, my life and my people” of Sarawak
Would be his legacy to be remembered for posterity
Walking the talk between Federal BN and Restoration of
Sarawak’s rights impelled his exit from dear longevity.

3. Born he was a great orator scholar with smiling wit,
Greatness was thrust upon him by ‘Allah’ due to his goodness
He achieved greatness by fighting for our State’s right under MA63
Not because he loved less his heart but he loved Sarawak more.

4. Transformed as YAB he did the school’s Four Rs from Reading
To Reviewing, Arithmetic to Revaluating, Writing
To Negotiating and Running to Restoration of rights
Empowerment and autonomy under MA63 overdue.

5. When Tok Nan sneezed, the State coughed, when
Kuching coughed, the State got sick, when
Kuching got sick, the State has epidemic, but when
He hailed ‘Autonomy’, Sarawakians jumped with kicking joy.

6. With a shining Damocles’ Sword of Force he struck down
Illegal logging, asked for more oil gains, making the State greener
Shooting out fifty three directives, showing transparency giving
Grants yearly to Chinese schools, revamping our civil service.

7. Indeed he blocked the pot shots from immigration religion
Education language and free kicks of Federal Territory
While crowning with landslide victory without Umno in the State
To nurture our State’s multiracial and religious harmony.

8. Ignoring political correctness, he advocated English
An official language, as in Singapore, see the glaring difference
In their achievements in school Ivy league Oxbridge and civil
Service fair and efficient public policy with deference.

9. Education is the debt of the present to the future generation
English is the body and soul of our education
The sidelining of English has setback decades on learning
Headaches in higher education with handicap for working.

10. Enchanted by ‘Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy’ and
‘The Big Idea’, ‘Strategic Thought’ and Green Environment our
Ministers and civil servants were sent to engage and learn
The clean meritocratic efficient system and legacy.

11. Sarawak and Sabah are melting pots of religion
Borneo States beacon religious racial unity, harmony
That must shine through to change hearts and souls of Peninsula
To beacon our national proof of unity-in-diversity.

12. Sarawak and nation must study the roots of their own history
IGC Report, MA63 Constitutions to avoid misconception
To implement overdue Review with moving spirit to
Fulfill the dreams and aspirations of our founders of history.

13. PKR raised the red flag on Articles I(2)(b) and 95D of
the Constitution
Approved not by Council Negeri for relegation of equal
Partners on 27th August 1976 Petroleum Development Act 1974
Territorial Act 2012 against the British Order-In-Council 1954.

14. Land is under State List, oil leases must be issued by the
Land and Survey department under section 32(1)(g) and Registered
Under S122 of Sarawak Land Code to be valid, Contiguous
Continental Shelf is still under British Order-In-Council 1954.

15. Such ownership of oil and gas cannot be irrevocably
Assigned to Petronas on land under Article 95D too
Contiguous Continental Shelf is not only 12 miles offshore
More royalty for our State and fishing rights in EEZ too.

16. Most critical we have to define the offshore boundary
Then reconcile productions pumped on the tender barges and trains
Article 13 cannot override Articles 1 and 95D of our
Federal Constitution unless Council Negeri has approved them.

17. Three Miles Territorial Waters hem in only states Peninsula
British Order-In-Council 1954 (Alteration of Boundaries)
Protect Territorial Waters of Sabah and Sarawak with
Contiguous Continental Shelf before and after Malaysia.

18. Sarawakians want the original status of equal partnership
Guaranteed by Tun Razak, Article I and MA63 legally
With its Contiguous Continental Shelf to be maintained under
This Order-In-Council 1954 before Malaya Merdeka 1957.

19. The Sarawak Interpretation Ordinance 2005 supported by
Article 1(3) of the Constitution that Sarawak includes its
Territorial Waters as deemed by International law,
Sarawak Supplemental Deed of 30th May 1956 covered
Continental Shelf.

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20. “Yes, on 3rd August 1962, Sarawak Information Service reported
that Tun Razak undertook three assurances that KL would not
‘Dominate the Borneo Territories’ ‘which will be equal
Partners’, ‘KL has to consult them’,” bemoaned Tok Nan.

21. Under BN flag even with quiet diplomacy how to tell
Our PM on our oil and constitutional history!
How stressful it’s for my jerky heart! Pray Putrajaya
Would verify and act fairly without domination promised

22. Tun Ismail appointed by TunRazak to lead the Special
Committee to Review MA63 duein 1973 died shortly ending the
Review, OPEC induced Tun Razak to negotiate the Oil
Agreements till 1976 with the Review still in Putrajaya’s vault.

23. In 1966 Tan Siew Sin assured our State all offshore oil proceeds for
Our State provided the Capitation Grant of RM27 million
Be reduced to RM12 million and the Special Grant of RM5.8 million
Waived, Sarawak compiled but Federal failed to follow through.

24. The bonanza of oil for development of Peninsula
Flurried Parliament to pass Petroleum development Act
1974 forgetting Land under State List, Land Code, Section 95D
Of the Constitution, Order-in-council 1954, our MPs uninformed.

25. Then on grounds of ‘national interest’ needed to help Sabah’s Navy
With no opinion from Privy Council on OIC 1954 Tun Rahman confirmed
That Tun Razak assured only orally to give another 5 per cent for development
Grant to 5 per cent royalty as and when requested by our State.

26. That development grants were given to our State sporadically
Though not clear of the total amount in the balance to our
State, pray that Putrajaya would inform us, although Tun Razak
Would not want codicil while Tun Rahman had confirmed payments.

27. Confirmed Tun Tan SS and Tan Sri A. Kadir after retirements that aborting
Privy Council’s opinion at PM’s insistence YAB A. Rahman complied
After PM’s oral assurance only 5 per cent for that Development
Grant, to defray Sabah’s Navy costs was ‘national interest’.

28. On March 27 1975 the two-page Oil Agreement signed by
Federal Government with our State provided no revision clause
but ‘Paltry’ 5 per cent royalty with full rights assigned to Petronas
To operate with no compensation on cessation of work.

29. Under PSC our State gets 5 per cent cash royalty, contractor 15.5 per cent IRR
While the Federal takes 5 per cent royalty, export tax, share oil
Profit, research cess, suppl payment, PITAX 38 per cent less about 18 per cent for
Capital Development, operation and abandonment costs.

30. RSC tempts niche and small operators for leftovers
Sarawak shallow waters have more suitors than Sabah deep waters
Royalties are driven by production and prevailing oil price
In PSC at 20 per cent royalty the IRR is still 13.5 per cent for the contractors.

31. The depletable oil with 29 per cent average recovery before EOR
Will run dry faster than we hope while big gas with CO2 is the next
Reservoir close to Natuna-Sematan not easy to treat, important
For State to restore Continental Shelf mileage under O– I–C 1954.

32. Why oil and gas were left out in the Memorandum of Appeals of 18 or 20
Points, Cobbold Commission, IGC 1962, MA 63, Constitution? Ignorance
Of Borneo Territories offshore Shell, KL knew, “win the election
First, we’ll change the 12 ½ per cent Ad Valorem with Pertamina model.”

33. Opposition stated that land under State List must prevail for
Issuing and registering oil leases under our Land Code
No proper vesting to Petronas, 5 per cent would be inadequate
Compensation under Article 13(2) based on net loss not net gain.

34. Seventy four days after signing the two-pages Oil Agreement
On 14th June 1976 by Sabah Article 1(2)(b) of the Federal Constitution
Was cast aside with no approvals from the ‘fixed deposits’
Legislatures so render the Act invalid with no effect.

35. The Bornean States learnt from the press of the Secession of Singapore
Sadly not all vacant seats were allocated to them for protection;
On August 27th 1976 the Bornean States were relegated to only states
Of Malaysia, from equal status by a stroke of parliament, our MPs untutored.

36. “Malaysia and non-fulfillment of 18 points and 20 points
‘Agreements’ with ‘Sabah and Sarawak’” appealed by
Umno’s Tengku Razaleigh after 50 years of Malaysia since formation
Prompting overdue to ‘fixed deposits’ nation’s obligations.

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37. TengkuRazaleigh believed that our present PM would be
The best person to fulfil his father’s promises and MA 63
Review overdue 53 years and other legislations as
Equal partners status, and schools be taught with true history.

38. In 1973 immigration was reconfirmed, still to “implement
The assurances, undertakings and recommendations
Contained in Chapter 3 of, and Annexed A and B to the IGC Report
In so far not implemented under The Constitution”.

39. History flowed again by our Sarawak River of Fame,
For 20 per cent royalty on oil and gas our DUN voted all the same
For adequate compensation for ‘National Service’ is under
Article I3 of the Federal Constitutions and Order-In-Council 1954.

40. Sabah, the richest territory then, had bargained “a special
Grant of an amount equal in each year to two fifth of the
Amount by which the net revenue derived by the Federation
From Sabah exceeds the new revenue” under the Tenth Schedule.

41. Sabah has Special Grant under the Tenth Schedule while our State
HadOral Assurances of 5 per cent Grant with 5 per cent royalty for
Development, Sabah joined due to security, poor Sarawak
Was told by PM to help Sabah’s Navy as ‘national interest’.

42. Order-in –Council 1954 bless’d our State’s rights to vast gas than
Oil under the contiguous Continental Shelf from Tg Po to
Murphy Oil east overriding Continental Shelf Act 1966 Petroleum Mining
Act 1966 Petroleum Development Act 1974 Territorial Sea Act 2012.

43. To put as motions or not in the DUN those were the questions
On restoration as equal partners, blocking Hudud Laws, charity tax
Order-In-Council 1954 against the Territorial Sea Act 2012
Whether better for me to take up this sea of troubles next DUN.

44. “Wouldn’t that mean that without DUN’s approvals all these Federal Legislations are unconstitutional and unenforceable
Against Sarawak all along?,” mutter’d Tok Nan, “But I have
Already made my commitments to Sarawakians and PM”

45. “Should I let those motions be tabled in the DUN, then let them
Debate them in the future. All the Sarawakians would think
That I have let them down. How I wish to have a stronger heart!
I am not going to sit still, I am not the Coward of my country!”

46. Oh God! Why don’t give me a few more years to complete all
My missions, I must restore all the rights of Sarawak under the
MA63, otherwise these rights will be eroded as times goes by
Then the new generation would not remember them at all.

47. PrayPM’ll pen the assured 5 per cent Development Grant plus
Now with 10% shares in all the operations in our State
Within the Continental Shelf in lieu of 20 per cent stiff
Royalty as resources owner, thinking aloud before he slept.

48. Yea Santubong mouth turned tea to coffee by the surfing wind
Decades-old shop houses had gone with the wind,
Cultural village mud for crabs and mangrove trees in view
Leaving Damai Golf Course embellishing oceanic view.

49. SematanRiviera with eco-tourism next to our
National Park is unique for Oriental Cruise in future
French Riviera Bali Resort Singapore government port
Plan for this resort, still need China’s finance for fast train transport.

50. Soon I’ll be a part of cold vapid tablet of Sarawak’s history
Whatever befalls, I must leave my vibrant legacy behind for
My fellow countrymen, I am sure our TYT will advise my
Worthy successor to fulfill my promises to our people.

51. Oh Death! Thou come to save the living and make all men equal
Now the winter season of my life begins a new journey
Yet, Nature renews itself at every Spring, so envious am I
Why cannot I live as long as the Huon pine tree?

52. Seeing the dark cloud hanging nigh was my final hour
This is worst of time, perhaps the best of time for me
Soon no more worry, no more stress, no more pain,
Now I see a bright light in the distance bidding me.

53. I held my wife’s hand oozing my last love like the river flow
In the lyrics of ‘I can’t help falling in love with you’ —
You are a great wife, loving mother, caring nurse. Thank you
I am flying away, please fulfill my legacy! I love you.

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54. The soul of Maran Ribed, Tok Nan,our fine handsome and noble, flew
With the heavenly music from the Heart Centre while waving
To his wife and children with a grateful smile and chuckle.
“Please Go home…carry on living” before his final pilgrimage.

55. Still, why such a cruel fate! Why can’t I finish my term? I need two
To turn my dreams, my visions, my promises into realities,
I just barely started! Oh Allah, how helpless I am with destiny,
He flew from Damai to Heart of Borneo then to daystar.

56. Tok Nan wrote on ‘Democracy is the Worst form of government
Except others’ ‘In Churchill’s words’ and ‘Anybody can
Rat but it takes certain ingenuity to rerat” to
Justify his changing of his political parties five times.

57. Tagore’s philosophy of ‘the Universal Man’ piqued him
Babu’squotation of an unknown author tickled him:
“Politics without history has no roots,
History without politics bears no fruits.”

58. He recalled those happy days, stringing his guitar with
‘The Young Ones’ blended with crooning of ‘I can’t help
falling in love with You’, suited him perfectly to raise funds for charities,
Rap music and poetry were new strangers to a romantic.

59. Let Sarawak fight for Sarawak within Malaysia
We have come from a long way, let’s not disappoint our founders,
The price of freedom is not realized until it’s lost
Once lost, may be, never ever regain that loss.

60. Pray that all Agreements shine through the hearts of living
Souls in Putrajaya forPM’s fair dealing and ensuring
Nation’s stability, continuity, still waiting
For one inclusive Malaysia from the beginning.

61. Since the passing away of TunRazak in January 1976 all our prime
Ministers kept Review in the cold storage of Putrajaya
Teams sent by our State for Review and finance went nowhere
Now holistic piecemeal Review with Petronas first got somewhere.

62. In response Datuk Seri Najib showered most rural funds since
Malaysia for development under his government and restoration
With its healthier coffer on world economic recovery oil price
Giving bigger better performance for both States’ whole

63. Datuk Seri Najib touched more hearts of Borneo than
previous premiers with more
Grants assured for rural developments promised by his father now with
Pan Borneo Highway, pray that that’ll be a good omen for Review and more
Fulfillments of all the assurances after fifty-three years.

64. Pray all leaders of Both States Federal tread charily
On mellowed paths of full unity and mutually,
Else we may go against the wind we cannot read that could
Bring change in climate over Borneo’s forests’ destiny.

65. Pray for Borneonisation Review of Capitation, State
Road, Special Grants and State Reserve Fund with less delay in
Payments to State BN under entrench’d Article VIII of the Malaysia
Agreement 1963 incorporated in our Constitution.

66. Pray that our PM will continue to honour promises to me and State
My successors will implement my legacy improved to
Restore our rights, resources, empowerment that belong to us
As equal partners withno domination, to be consulted always.

67. SCA wound up as its historic duty for the Chinese and SUPP’s sake
Yet SUPP took five years to join the Sarawak Coalition government
Let SUPP, UPP and DAP co-exist to fight for unity and safeguards
With sharing seats or merging in future reconfiguration.

68. Political reconfigurations are evolutionary
Processes to stabilize and tailor political alignments
For varied aspirations of ethnic groups under BN’s history –
Still under PBB always to lead a stronger cemented formation.

69. Politics has unforeseeable beginning and ending
Self interest has pivoted historical pacts more than designs
Hope DAP, UPP, SUPP, Teras, SDPD may reconfigurate
within borderless timing,
Pray! They’ll act in State’s, nation’s not mere self and party’s interests.

70. Tok Nan would want his visions and unfinished legacy to
Be known as the starting point on his Holy Grail to restore,
Review MA 63 rights and more funds, as the importance of history
Is not only what happened, but what people thought and
said about it.

71. Power, politics YAB AbangZohari shall pursue with passion
MA 63 inked by his father and three other Musketeers his way
To restore our rights and empowerment under MA 63’s history
To fulfil faster my promises and the State’s policy.

72. Sarawak a plural society always ensure he will
That has no nativism nor bigots around us
Nor a Great Wall of China around us
To shine the light and not curse the darkness around us.

73. Let it be written let it be done before I am done
Else all be forgotten or loss in corridor of history
The longer we wait after 53 years, the harder to rectify
Bless’d PM the best oneto verify, comply and ratify.

74. Those who opposed Tok Nan, respect and admire him
Those who love him, grieve for him
Those who support his politics, praise him
Those in BN, a great loss of a gentle warrior and white shining knight.

75. He admired Emperor Tang Taison’s Three mirrors of history:
The Bronze mirror one can adjust the clothes and cap; the mirror of
Events past to comprehend the rise and fall of a nation;
The human mirror a remonstration for success and missteps.

76. ‘Don’t cry for me’ Sarawakians, ‘the truth is that I have never
Left you, through my’ tough ‘days, my’ brief ‘existence, I kept my
Promises’, so give all your assistance, to YAB Abang Zohari,
My wife to refine and fulfill my dreams and State’s destiny.


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