Kit Siang’s 76th birthday wish: A more Malaysian Malaysia

PETALING JAYA: DAP veteran leader Lim Kit Siang (pic) says his 76th birthday wish is for all Malaysians to be more “Malaysian in their thinking, outlook and response”.

In a statement released on his birthday on Monday, Lim expressed concern that even when tragic accidents occur, people involved were identified based on their race.

Citing the tragedy in Johor Baru where eight teenagers were killed when a car rammed into a group of cyclists early Saturday, Lim said the racially-charged reactions to the disaster were evidence of why Malaysians needed to embrace a more “Malaysian” mentality.

He said that this was “one example why Malaysians need to be more Malaysian in their thinking, outlook and responses, regardless of race, religion, region or culture”.

“This is not a racial but a social problem,” he said, adding that the tragedy highlighted a major social issue that parents, teachers, politicians, and authorities needed to take responsibility for.

Lim, the DAP adviser, said there was a collective responsibility to ensure immediate action is taken to ensure that the cycling tragedy would never happen again in the country.

“All Malaysians, and not just DAP leaders, MPs, state assemblymen and women, must be prepared to contribute to the mission for Malaysians to be more Malaysian in their thinking, outlook and responses regardless of race, religion, region or culture,” Lim added. – Star

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