Picking non-auditor as A-G shocking, says Zaid


PETALING JAYA: The appointment of a non-auditor as the new auditor-general is “shocking”, says DAP’s Zaid Ibrahim.

“The appointment of a non-auditor as our new auditor-general is clear proof that we do not care about our country,” said Zaid, who is also a former de facto law minister.

“We all know the scope of a government audit is broader, far more complex and diverse compared with a private sector audit because the demand for compliance is far greater.

“The constitution and the Audit Act 1957 put an onerous burden on the auditor-general. It’s not just about auditing financial statements and carrying out a performance audit.

“The constitution requires the auditor-general to carry out a compliance audit as well, which requires the auditor-general to ensure the activities of departments and ministries comply with our laws and regulations.

“The auditor-general is also duty-bound to inform MPs if the government is doing its job properly. That’s why the Auditor-General’s Report is tabled (although not debated) in Parliament.

“Even a public company requires an audit committee chaired by a reputable auditor, but in Malaysia, the federal and state governments can (now) be audited by a non-auditor.”

Madinah Mohamad, 60, is the new auditor-general appointed by Prime Minister Najib Razak to take over from Ambrin Buang.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Political Science from Universiti Sains Malaysia as well as a Master of Science in human resource development and a doctorate in human resource management from Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Madinah is married to the Kepong Umno division chief.

Zaid said past experiences and controversies would have taught the country the importance of better scrutinising government financial dealings, whether at the ministry or department level.

He said MPs should state and show their stand on the appointment of the auditor-general without fear “because this appointment is frankly shocking”.

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