This Policewoman From Sibu Is Going Viral On FB And Fans Want To Be Arrested So They Can Say “I Surrender!”

Talking about police officers, we instantly imagine tough guys taking down thugs and rescuing hostages – they are the equivalent of knights in shining armour from ancient times.

But, we usually think of police as macho heroes taking out the bad guys, just like in the Die Hard or Lethal Weapon trilogies.

However, a policewoman from Sibu is showing Malaysians a whole other perspective of the people who help keep our streets and community safe.

Recently, a policewoman who is reportedly based in Kuala Lumpur, known as Irene who hails from Sibu is making waves not just by being out there catching bad guys but also turning heads.

theSun reports that Irene has been garnering attention from netizens for her looks and has a huge following on her Facebook page.

Among the comments left on her Facebook page include, “Polis… ??? Mohon tangkap saya…” (Police… ? Please arrest me).”

“Di mana kamu bekerja? Saya ingin menyerahkan diri,(Where do you work? I want to surrender),” said another Facebook user.

Irene appears to be keeping mum about her new found fame but has chosen to use the publicity to highlight her role in law enforcement.

In a recent post from her Facebook page, she shares her experience in countering negative public perception stating that it is no easy job being a policewoman in Malaysia as expressed in her Facebook posting below.

“I believe I have the responsibility to uphold the reputation of Royal Malaysia Police. Despite trying our best to protect the civilians, we’ve always been labelled as corrupted and incompetent.

“We work tirelessly day and night, we risk our lives in the line of duty, and sometimes we don’t have time for our family. At the end of the day, our hard-work and sacrifice are not acknowledged by the public. We received no praise from the society but a ‘good job’ from our superior,” she shared.

“Just because a few  police lost their integrity, doesn’t mean everyone in the force is ‘dirty’. We don’t force you to like the police, but at least give us some respect. The police are human, not tools.” – Malaysian Digest

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