Amnesty: Brothers to be executed on Wednesday

PETALING JAYA: The two brothers who received a last-minute reprieve from a scheduled execution in February will now face the gallows on Wednesday, said Amnesty International Malaysia (AIM).

If the executions take place, it will be the first time that it will take place on a Wednesday morning, said AIM executive director Shamini Darshni Kaliemuthu.

“Malaysia carries out executions on Friday mornings and this double execution will be the first ever execution that we are aware of to take place on a Wednesday morning. This is symbolic of the rushed nature of this particular execution,” she said in a statement Tuesday.

The family members of Rames and Suthar Batumalai were handed a letter on Monday notifying them of the imminent execution and asking them to visit the two at Kajang Prison for the last time on Tuesday.

The brothers were sentenced in April 2010 for murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code after they were found guilty of killing Krishnan Raman on Feb 4, 2006.

The brothers have always maintained their innocence.

They were scheduled to be executed on Feb 24, but they received a last-minute reprieve after their lawyers sent in a clemency application a day before.

The clemency application submitted by their lawyers, Haresh Mahadevan and Co, included a statutory declaration from Krishnan’s widow appealing to the Pardons Board for the brothers not be executed and instead be allowed to serve life imprisonment.

“If the victim’s family has moved to intercept the execution, the Pardons Board should consider this and allow for every avenue to be exhausted before the state even considers taking a life,” said Shamini. – Star

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