Mahfuz: Probe those who attempted to bribe Johor sultan

PAS’ Pokok Sena parliamentarian Mahfuz Omar has urged the authorities to act against those who tried to bribe Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar over a “Tan Sri” title.

“I urge the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and police to immediately investigate the Johor sultan’s revelations,” said Mahfuz in a statement.

He said that the matter, which was disclosed by the sultan himself on the existence of middlemen who tried to pay the monarch RM2 million to secure a Tan Sri-ship, should be taken seriously.

Mahfuz said that the sultan’s disclosure painted the picture that there existed syndicates which trafficked in royal awards in all states as he himself mentioned while debating the royal address on March 13.

He explained that his worry stemmed from the recent arrests of leaders and members of underworld gangs who held the title of “Datuk” by police in their recent anti-gang crackdown.

Mahfuz said that this created the impression that titles are given not through proper channels and considerations, but are simply “bought” via the facility of “agents” like those who approached the Johor sultan.

The lawmaker warned that the activities of such agents may tarnish the image of the royal institution and the Malay rulers.

“These kinds of activities must be curbed to preserve the good name of the royal institution and the Malay rulers,” concluded Mahfuz.

On March 22, the Johor sultan was reported to have said that he rebuffed an offer of RM2 million by unscrupulous agents who wanted to purchase a “Tan Sri” title.

Recently, police have arrested several individuals with the title of “Datuk” in their crackdown against an underworld gang. – Malaysiakini

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