DAP gives 48-hour ultimatum to investment company boss

lim-lip-eng KUALA LUMPUR: Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng today issued a 48-hour ultimatum to forex trading company, JJPTR, founder Johnson Lee, and his agents to come forward and explain the “missing” RM500 million allegedly hacked from the company’s account.

“This incident is ‘funny’. When a large amount of money is allegedly stolen from a bank account, any normal person would lodged a police report, demanding an investigation.

“But Johnson Lee did not do so and instead told his investors not to seek authorities’ help too. This raises suspicion whether the money was taken out by hackers, as he claimed,” Lim told a press conference at Alam Damai, Bandar Tun Razak here today.

Lim also questioned if Lee was just covering up for his family members, the company shareholders or his girlfriend over the “hacked” RM500 million claim.

“Another possible reason would be that he himself had taken the money and made up reasons that hackers stole RM500 million from his company,” Lim alleged.

It was reported that JJPTR’s company account was hacked and Lee said in a Facebook post that he had a plan to repay his investors across the world by the middle of next month.

The news about the funds that had been hacked from its bank account, received mixed reactions from JJPTR investors, with some in distress over the loss of their money while some said they would still continue to invest in JJPTR.

Lim, along with his assistant, Yew Jia Haur, and Selangor DAP committee member, Ronnie Liu were supposed to meet JJPTR’s representatives at the company’s office here over the hacked RM500 million.

However, the office was closed today and no one from JJPTR was present.

Mocking Lee’s slogan based on the company name, Lim called his team “ZZJJPTR” or the “true saviours for the common people” in Mandarin. He added that as an MP, he has the duty to protect the interests of investors.

“We, the ‘ZZJJPTR’ demand JJPTR, Johnson Lee and his agents show up at the police station or come and meet us within 48 hours to explain the hacked money.

“If they failed or refused to do so, ‘ZZJJPTR’ will take further action with the help of the authorities,” Lim said, without elaborating on the action he would take against Lee.

The initials of Lee’s company, JJPTR or “jie jiu pu tong ren” means “salvation for the common people” in Mandarin.

JJPTR, JJ Poor to Rich and JJ Global Network, are the three forex trading entities listed on the website, www.jjptr.com .

However, it was reported that the three companies were among the 288 other entitles and individuals on Bank Negara Malaysia’s Financial Consumer Alert list as of Feb 24.

Members of JJPTR are asked to invest between US$25 and US$1,000 (RM110 and RM4,400) and promised a monthly return of 20%. – Star

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