Yeoh lodges report against lecturer over ‘Christian agenda’ claims

Selangor speaker Hannah Yeoh has lodged a police report against Universiti Utara Malaysia lecturer Kamarul Zaman Yusoff and websites which published allegedly defamatory statements against her and the DAP in relations to their purported Christianisation agenda.

Yeoh in her report lodged at the Subang Jaya district police station here said Kamarul’s statement was first published as a Facebook post and has been used by DAP’s critics to attack her and the party.

“The post has gone viral and shared by 252 individuals.

“It was also used by more than 10 online portals, as well as Harakah Daily and Utusan Malaysia, manipulated with defamatory elements against me and the DAP,” she said.

The Subang Jaya state-assemblyperson later told reporters she regretted the baseless and irresponsible allegations made through manipulating the people’s religious sentiments ahead of the next general election.

“He (Kamarul) had used my expressions as a Christian in my book ‘Becoming Hannah: A Personal Journey’ as a bullet to attack the DAP,” she said, adding that subsequent articles quoting the post had further accused the DAP of having a Christian agenda.

Kamarul in the post titled “Hannah Yeoh Contoh Hipokrasi Terbesar DAP” (Hannah Yeoh example of DAP’s biggest hypocrisy) had quoted excerpts from her autobiography and accused the DAP of going against their stand that Malaysia should remain as a secular state.

Among others, he accused Yeoh of having openly admitted that her involvement in politics was assisted by Christians, both in terms of electoral campaign funds as well as to preach about Christianity through her various political positions.

Yeoh, however, pointed out that while the post and articles implied her book had exposed DAP’s alleged secret Christianisation agenda, it had actually been available for purchase online and at all major bookstores since January 2015.

“The book tells my story as a Malaysian in understanding the meaning of love and responsibility to my country, as well as my struggles during the past election campaigns.

“It also tells my story about love, marriage and my role as a wife and mother. That is why the book is titled ‘Becoming Hannah’ and not ‘Becoming DAP’ or ‘Becoming a Christian’,” she said.

While noting that the DAP had in the past been subjected to similar allegations, Yeoh also said the timing of Kamarul’s post was questionable as it coincided with the day that Jakarta governor Basuki ‘Ahok’ Tjahaja Purnama was sentenced to two-years in jail.

Prepared to be investigated

When contacted, Kamarul confirmed that he had written the Facebook post on May 9 and said he is prepared to be investigated or even to testify in court if requested to do so.

“I take full responsibility for my post. I have no problems to explain to any parties, including the police, and also in court if necessary.

“I will submit related evidence (to the post) and further evidence which has yet to be revealed about her Christianisation agenda through politics,” Kamarul told Malaysiakini.

Accompanying Yeoh to lodge her police report was Kelana Jaya MP Wong Chen who personally vouched that she had never engaged in any alleged Christianisation attempts while carrying out her duties to the constituents.

“I have known Hannah for many years and I have never ever seen her preaching about Christianity to the community,” said Wong who described the attacks as being uncalled for.

He also urged voters to not be swayed by attempts to play up issues on religion and remain focused on national issues such as corruption.

Others present in a show of support at the police station include representatives from resident associations around Subang Jaya. – Malaysiakini

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