Yoursay: Lack of effective leadership the cause of PKR infighting

YOURSAY | ‘This is the time for president-elect Anwar to prove he has what it takes.’

Why I am very disillusioned with PKR

Pemerhati Bebas: I see the problem in PKR as lack of effective leadership. The prime minister-in-waiting is keeping silent, refusing to tackle the issue head-on. Wishing the problem to go away by itself will not resolve the issue.

Where is PKR president-elect Anwar Ibrahim? If he cannot show us that he can handle a minor issue within his own party, what makes him think that he run the country?

We are sick of all the infighting in PKR. This is the time for Anwar to prove he has what it takes to make hard decisions. But is he up to it?

Salam: I’m a Malay-Muslim voter who has not signed up to any political party, nor do I believe in the need to do so.

I tell my kids and friends to always vote the person and not the party. Research the background and conduct of your local and parliamentary representatives, and then vote.

If you don’t like any candidate, then don’t vote. This will teach the parties to put good quality (and good conduct) candidates in the long run if they understand that this is what voters will do. So I voted for an outstanding DAP candidate for Parliament and a solid PKR candidate for state assembly.

Both have validated my choices because neither has been in the news or blogs for idiotic antics or statements, and both have declared their earnings.

Politics has always been a game, and we should not put trust in political parties, no matter what religious, “pious”, “ethical”, “public interest” advertising they put forward (in the way we should not be gamed by corporations).

But if we vote for individuals and hold individuals to account, I feel it is far more effective. So, keep your parliamentary and state representatives’ contact numbers in your phones, and communicate to them your views and expectations from time to time.

Effective communication can influence change. So call your PKR representatives and let them know what their voters think of their conduct.

Undecided: I believe many Harapan supporters feel the same way as Malaysiakini columnist Francis Paul Siah.

When party elections are so hotly and viciously contested, it makes one think why this is so.

The reason, more likely than not, is unbridled power and patronage, the practice that will lead to gross corruption.

Anonymous_1419577444: Good on you, Siah, to be blunt about this.

In any event, rest assured that many people I know in Peninsular Malaysia who voted for Pakatan Harapan in the last general election, including myself, are totally disgusted with what is happening in PKR.

Some have regretted voting for Harapan, especially those who voted for PKR candidates.

Anonymous 770241447347646: When in power for the first time, there will definitely be some degree of chaos and commotion.

Politics is about backing the right horse. The followers think that if they choose rightly, there will be some benefits for them personally.

Maturity will take some time to be embedded in the minds of the future party followers and leaders, if they want to remain in power for a long time.

If they behave like they have in the past, they will lose respect very fast.

Give them time. They have been in power for just a few months.

Nazri: I didn’t clear Musa of graft charges, MACC did

Vijay47: Former law minister Nazri Abdul Aziz, why are you indulging in trivialities when all the omens augur so forebodingly for you, when unseen ghosts hover around you as they did Macbeth and headless horses float silently, inevitably towards you?

The finger is busy writing, the cards are falling, and yet you play silly “I said, he said” games with your political comrades.

Don’t you see what looms ahead, drawing closer by the day?  Whether transpired in the dark of night in lonely areas or in the crowded marketplace, truth will out.

Perhaps your helplessness is that there is just nothing you can do now. You should deliriously celebrate if the only things you lose are your wealth and moments, long moments of liberty.

Wise men have said not without reason, that the sins of the fathers are visited upon the sons.  But sometimes the rivers flow upstream.

Darmakochi: Interesting turn of events. I did not realise the role of a minister under BN was so simple. Just to announce what the independent agency wants him/her to announce without checking on the implication of what he/she is announcing.

If this practice is also being continued by the present government under Harapan, then I would like to apply to be a federal minister in the present government.

I would not have to struggle to do so much work at my present job but just be a minister and do some announcing and just relax.

Why It Happens: It seems to be a joke now. Who cleared whom now? Did MACC clear former Sabah chief minister Musa Aman and now change its mind? Did someone ask MACC to clear Musa? Is Musa saying something not true?

We have a lot of interesting episodes going on in our country. But one thing is for sure. Taxpayers’ money has been wasted.

Just imagine, to save taxpayers’ money, we needed to increase the budget for MACC. Otherwise more money would have been gone. It’s a funny world.

Rupert16: The game in passing the bucks have begun.

The bottom line is that Musa is seen to be corrupt to the core and that Nazri, ex-AG Abdul Gani Patail and other Umno leaders including Najib Abdul Razak should also be held responsible for complicity and misuse of power in covering up Musa’s alleged corruption.


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