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Polis bantuan need better training to really ‘bantu’

FRANCIS PAUL SIAH COMMENT | Isn’t it a great feeling to see the presence of policemen in our midst whenever there is a situation that requires their attention? Having the men in blue around is somewhat reassuring and comforting. But … Continue reading

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Mahathir to make way for Anwar on 20.2.20?

FRANCIS PAUL SIAH COMMENT | When Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced that he was stepping down during his first term as prime minister that fateful afternoon in June 22, 2002, it came as an extreme shocker because no one had expected … Continue reading

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Anina, what’s your problem with Easter?

FRANCIS PAUL SIAH COMMENT | I refrained from commenting on this over the solemn and holy Easter week because it would not be appropriate for me, as a Christian, to do so. I feel that even expressing disappointment is an … Continue reading

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Why I decided to stay in Malaysia

Yuen Woh-Voon LETTER | After completing the sixth form at a public school in Petaling Jaya, I took up articleship and qualified as a certified public accountant (CPA) at one of the large international accounting firms in Kuala Lumpur in … Continue reading

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Perhaps it’s time to opt for a referendum on Sarawak

FRANCIS PAUL SIAH COMMENT | In a recent online survey conducted by the Sarawak Patriots Association on the recent defeat of the MA63 amendment bill, one of the questions was “Do you think it is wise for the Sarawak Government … Continue reading

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London in the swim, what a shame!

FRANCIS PAUL SIAH COMMENT | It was supposed to be hosted by Malaysia and originally scheduled to be held in Kuching, but now London gets the host job. Kuching’s loss is London’s gain. What a shame! On Monday, the International … Continue reading

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Constitutional amendment bill: An accident waiting to happen

FRANCIS PAUL SIAH COMMENT | The morning after the controversial constitutional amendment bill was defeated in Parliament, a dear friend from Kuching sent me this message: “Are you sad? I listened to the proceedings until the votes were counted.  “Must … Continue reading

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