MoCS has zero tolerance for the greedy and corrupt

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FROM: Francis Paul Siah, June 28, Kuala Lumpur

MoCS stand is clear. We are on the side of Sarawak politicians who are genuine and sincere, and able to stay away from getting easy $$$. Not many around but we have to keep on searching.

Some GPS people are corrupt to the core but the ‘disease’ is now spreading to PH leaders in Sarawak.

One prominent PH leader in Sarawak is on the take and has received millions. If I have the power and means, I will make sure such a character will not win in the coming elections.

I’ve no intention to bad-mouth our politicians and I would not have brought up this matter if I don’t have verified info. Believe me, I do know what’s going on. MoCS has zero tolerance for the greedy and corrupt.

I’m also happily aware of one noteworthy factor. Most of us here live humble and simple lives. We really don’t need much $$$ to live out the rest of our sojourn on earth. We come naked and we will go naked.

We bear that in mind and we will not go astray in what we do. Whether our little contribution towards the betterment of Sarawak is appreciated or not is irrelevant.

I have been whacked for being a patriotic Sarawakian by Malayans and even by some fellow Sarawakians. I’m used to receiving such tirades, including personal attacks. Let them be.

Someone alleged in Facebook yesterday that “the MoCS president is backed by a rich tycoon”.

I wish it was true in a way. Then, we would not have to dish out from our own pockets or embarrassingly ask for contributions from friends whenever we have to organise events/projects. That has been a real chore.

What I do know is that even as a senior citizen today, I’m still working for my daily bread. So too, most of you.

So, be proud, be very proud. And continue with our work, with whatever time and resources we have for our beloved homeland and our fellow countrymen. –

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