Before you complain, look unto thyself


There is a saying – It is easy to blame the doctor when we don’t take care of our own health.

I send my mum to hospital every month and get to know many patients.

Some are unfortunate to inherit genetic illness and diseases.

Some eat and drink until they land in hospital.

Some get stressed because of others – over love, work, money, traffic and family – and get overwhelmed by it.

Others literally drive themselves into hospital – self-accidents or otherwise.
And so forth…

Hospitals are overcrowded and understaffed with overworked doctors, nurses and staff, thereby affecting the quality of healthcare.

The health of a nation is no different.

All said, I believe Malaysians, as well as Sarawakians, have a lot of ‘growing up’ to do.

We complain a lot about the government, the leaders, the system etc.

What we forget is that we were and are the people who put them there in the first place.

We complain about corruption but many will not hesitate to give bribes to avoid the inconvenience and hassle of appearing in court to settle more expensive summons.

We complain about littering but we choose to turn a blind eye when we see someone committing the act. Worse, we may also be one of these litter bugs.

Many smokers don’t seem to realize or choose not to realise that discarding cigarette butts indiscriminately is littering.

What else? We complain about indiscriminate parking and lack of enforcement but we join in the crowd by parking indiscriminately – because we only do it ‘once in a while…? ‘

Or rather, if we can’t beat them, just join them?

Many current societal ills did not happen overnight. They have been tolerated, supported, encouraged and eventually become a culture – acceptable and practised.

While the present government is not perfect – disappointing in many ways – it has yet to serve its full term, and that is the mandate it was given to rule.

We cannot hatch the chicken if we keep bashing the egg. Had we done that decades ago, many of the bad chickens in the corridors of power would not have been running so freely stealing public money, misgoverning and sowing discord using race and religion.

And we still want them back ?

Extremism in any form occurs because the moderate majority chooses to keep quiet. This is as good as condoning and encouraging it.

Fellow Malaysians and dear Sarawakians, it’s time for us to ‘grow up’, to be part of the solution, not the problem and make a choice to do something about it.

How about a change in mindset and attitude – starting with our own self.

Stop littering, stop indiscriminate parking, stop giving bribes, stop being passive to wrongdoings, stop being used by irresponsible leaders hoping to divide us through race and religion, stop spewing and sharing hate and negative messages (on the 3Rs).

We are in this collectively.

The strength of a chain lies in its weakest link.

Strive not to be that link.

It will only break the chain.

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