Why such a lavish governor’s birthday do in such trying times?

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Below is my response to a discourse on Governor Abdul Taib Mahmud in a group chat.

Although I have been up against Taib Mahmud aka ‘White Termite’ for years, I must still say this – at least, the governor is no racist or extremist. Probably that’s the public image he wants to project.

Taib is plain greedy. Up to this day, he still wants more. This is intolerable. How much does a man really need on his temporary sojourn on Earth? Our governor has to seriously reflect on this.

On the governor’s official birthday today, I take note of the lavish celebrations taking place. I am very disappointed that the Sarawak Government still sees it fit to stage it with such pomp and splendour for an annual celebration which actually means nothing to many of us.

Celebrate it by all means but can we do away with the millions wasted on such an elaborate programme. (Take a good look at the 2-day birthday programme). Why the need for such unnecessary pageantry during such trying times when Sarawakians are suffering? Why not opt for a simpler and down-scale celebration?

Seriously, how many Sarawakians are in the mood for birthday celebrations and parties – when our graduates are jobless, parents worry about funds to send their kids to college, young workers unable to keep up with mortgage payments, our business community heading nowhere, our retailers going through a 60 percent decline in sales, our sick could not afford medical treatment, many begging for publc donations etc etc.

As a Sarawakian, I have the right to request the government to furnish the expenditures incurred for this official birthday do. I hope DUN members will request for details and have it made public. Taxpayers’ money is involved here for a governor’s official birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday, Governor. Wish you good health and long life.

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