PRAYER YES, ACTION TOO. A Sunday sharing

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No one, including atheists, should underestimate the power of prayer. As a Catholic/Christian, I wouldn’t.

Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and those of other faith also consider prayer a powerful intercession. Muslims are also exhorted to pray five times a day. That is how important prayer is to those who believe there is a Heavenly One.

Then again, as I’ve said, to say we pray for this and that is the easy part, no matter how deep in prayer we are or how long we pray.

Let’s say we pray for peace in the world and justice for all of humanity. Yes, we pray but what other action do we take to help ensure that it happens.

Praying is a form of action. That is correct. But I think praying is the easy part. The Lord would want to see us taking action in other forms too.

Here is a recent example which crosses my mind. There is a Sibu leukemia boy whose parents are begging for public donations for his medical treatment. They need to raise RM500,000.

Isn’t it so easy to say we will pray for his speedy recovery? That is too nonchalant in fact – that it becomes meaningless.

What about donating just 20 percent of our salary for this month to help him? That is so difficult, is it not?

We will likely come out with all kinds of excuses not to do so. We have this and that to pay; money is not enough for my household expenses etc etc. In fact, money is never enough. (The truth is possibly that we are saving for a family holiday to Australia next year – let’s be honest about it.)

This is what I mean by saying that praying is easy. The hard part is sincere, genuine action from the heart.

Next time we say we pray for this and that, let us ensure our prayer is accompanied by our deeds.

Not to do so will be hypocritical on our part.

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