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‘Negaraku’ – Is Malaysia really mine?

FRANCIS PAUL SIAH COMMENT | Sarawak state minister Abdul Karim Hamzah came down hard on a group of individuals who disrespected the national anthem by refusing to stand when it was played at a function in Kuching last week. Among … Continue reading

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Are Malaysians that saintly and pious?

FRANCIS PAUL SIAH COMMENT | I usually avoid writing on the subject of religion because any discourse on religion will be a never-ending one. Even eminent theologians have advised that no one should play God because religion is something personal … Continue reading

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No handover date, expect ‘old dictator’ murmurs, Sarawak activist tells Dr M

LARISSA LUMANDAN KUCHING: A Sarawak activist has questioned the excuse given by Dr Mahathir Mohamad that he needs more time to fix the country’s economy before handing over power to Anwar Ibrahim. Francis Paul Siah, who heads the Movement for … Continue reading

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