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Chong to GPS: Explain RM101 million budget for two rural schools

PRESS STATEMENT from Chong Chieng Jen The State Government must give Sarawakians a full explanation on how it comes up with the two ridiculously high budget for the rebuilding and upgrading of the 2 primary schools in Sarawak provided under … Continue reading

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Most politicians prefer to die in glory – in office

FRANCIS PAUL SIAH COMMENT | A few days ago, I received this forwarded message in a chat group – ”Who the hell does he think he is? Why is he still around? Just drop dead!” That must be an abrupt … Continue reading

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Ministers to award projects another U-turn by PH, says Sarawak activist

LARISSA LUMANDAN KUCHING: A political activist here has slammed Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s statement that ministers are allowed to hand out projects within their own jurisdictions, calling it “morally wrong” and against Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) promise of open tenders. Francis Paul … Continue reading

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Keep a hawk’s eye on the lifestyle of your YBs

FRANCIS PAUL SIAH COMMENT | When Dr Mahathir Mohamad introduced the ‘no gift’ policy – with the exception of flowers, fruits and food – throughout the cabinet and the civil service soon after Pakatan Harapan swept into power in May … Continue reading

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PKR should expel Azmin Ali

S THAYAPARAN “There is always the threat of tomorrow’s treachery, or next year’s treachery, or the treachery implicit in all the tomorrows beyond that.” – Tim O’Brien, “In the Lake of the Woods” COMMENT | The issue with Azmin Ali … Continue reading

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Guan Eng, stop playing politics on TAR UC issue

FRANCIS PAUL SIAH COMMENT | To Lim Guan Eng, let me tell you something straight. On the Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) funding issue, you are wrong, wrong and wrong. Like the Islamic practice of triple talaq in … Continue reading

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I salute Tanjung Piai voters for teaching Harapan a lesson

FRANCIS PAUL SIAH COMMENT | To Tanjung Piai voters, let me give you a very sincere salute – one with respect, appreciation and gratitude – for your remarkable role in taking the lead on behalf of Malaysians to teach Pakatan … Continue reading

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Let’s invite Pope Francis to visit Malaysia

FRANCIS PAUL SIAH COMMENT | Pope Francis will be in Thailand on Nov 20-23, after which he will visit Japan until Nov 26. It has been nearly four decades since a pontiff visited Thailand and Japan. The late Pope St … Continue reading

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Yoursay: Yes, our politicians can learn a thing or two from Jacinda Ardern

A NOTE FROM FRANCIS PAUL SIAH This has to be the best news story I came across today – 10 Nov 2019. A comparison between Malaysian and New Zealand politicians. These views are from a cross-section of readers and not … Continue reading

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Dr M, snap out of your imagined self-importance

FRANCIS PAUL SIAH COMMENT | For a moment, I thought Dr Mahathir Mohamad said it in jest. However, after reading the story  a few times, a clearer picture emerged. The prime minister was serious when he told the Financial Times … Continue reading

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