Yoursay: Yes, our politicians can learn a thing or two from Jacinda Ardern


This has to be the best news story I came across today – 10 Nov 2019. A comparison between Malaysian and New Zealand politicians.

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YOURSAY | ‘But they are too busy squabbling about race and religion.’

Ambiga suggests M’sian leaders look at New Zealand PM

John YC Toh: We hope to be able to emulate what the brilliant New Zealand prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, has achieved in two years and presentedthat[see video] in a time it takes us to order our teh tarik [2.56 minutes].

As a former Kiwi permanent resident, I am not at all surprised at what New Zealand is capable of doing. All it needed was a capable and committed leader.

Mazilamani: Ardern has started work immediately for the interest of the nation and her people while our own PM and ministers have yet to begin work and wondering which promises to deliver first.

Success can only happen if they move as a team, but we don’t have a team except a divided coalition with different agenda.

Zion: When Ardern wore the headscarf after the shooting incident in two mosques where 50 people were killed in March, the Muslim world praised her honourable act.

That aside, there’s no comparison between Malaysia and New Zealand. The population there is small, perhaps even lower than the millions of cheap foreign workers in Malaysia.

They focus on good governance and the Kiwis have solid education. What do we have here?

Drngsc: It is always good to learn some things from whoever. However, comparing New Zealand with Malaysia is like comparing apple and oranges.

New Zealand does not have a race-and-religion issue. The politicians and the people there are better educated and can think for themselves.

They also do not (maybe with the exception of a few aborigines) have an entitlement/subsidy mentality.

Just a Malaysian: No Malay leaders have the guts to stray away from the old and tired ‘race and religion’ narrative if they want to stay elected.

We thought Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad in his advanced age and wisdom would do what it takes to start a mental revolution among the Malays.

But unfortunately, even a veteran politician like Mahathir falls for the ‘Malay being victimised’ narrative.

Ardern states facts they are and is so refreshing as compared to our stale, toxic and rotten politics of race and religion. We will never progress in this state of mind.

Pokok Kelapa: Kiwi politicians work for the people and the country. Our prime minister and politicians work for themselves.

We only spew, stir and spin the 2Rs (race and religion). This is where our politicians excel.

Their efforts are only a dream in our country. Here, whoever is in power, it is all about tyranny.

Albert Ponniah: The ultra-majority of the major races want to be racial, which is frightening and seems shameful if we are compared to what New Zealand’s migrants and natives have achieved. Success was by recognition of issues, confronting and dealing with them.

BN went and Pakatan Harapan came and we are back where we started.

Can we find common ground in religious matters? Can we find a way for equality of all Malaysians without hurting one another’s feelings?

JD Lovrenciear: Correct, former Bar Council chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan. But one needs humility to be what the New Zealand leader is.

Furthermore, it is time to break free from the paralysing mould of the political belief that only seasoned, old politicians can lead a country.

FairMalaysian: Ardern, at such a young age (39 years old), is such a great person. I was astounded – I thought it was 140,000 trees but it was 140 million trees planted!

Not one Malaysian leader from our PM downwards, past and present, can match that.

It is not just about 140 million trees, it is a trust that she (Ardern) maintains for the betterment and benefit of future generations.

In the name of development and the ensuing corruption, our “building” leaders have laid waste to a paradise.

Headhunter: On the contrary, it would probably take an hour for our PM to explain why he let controversial Muslim preacher Zakir Naik stay in Malaysia.

Generally, New Zealand’s previous prime ministers were all outstanding personalities and none tainted with corruption nor abuse of power.

New Zealanders don’t tolerate politicians who stepped out of line, and if anyone does, he/she on his/her own.

Unlike Malaysia, where even an openly corrupt politician still gets to have his hands and feet kissed by bottom-feeding sycophants looking for crumbs.

Anonymous_1399778124: Ardern is young and energetic, and driven by a passion to work for all the peoples of New Zealand. Mahathir is old and weak; his mental faculties are slow and stamina poor. So there is no comparison.

He works for Bersatu and perhaps to restore Malay dignity is his agenda. He is distracted and so he is not focused on all the people of Malaysia, irrespective of race.

Kleeo: We do have capable and compassionate leaders like Ardern in Malaysia, but we need more of them, both female and male.

But perhaps more importantly, we need an educated and discerning public who can tell the Arderns from the Trumps.

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