The ‘Brutuses’ stabbing Anwar must not win


COMMENT Why am I supporting Anwar Ibrahim as the eighth prime minister?

Let me put it plain and simple. That was a promise etched in stone by Pakatan Harapan and supported by Malaysians who backed the coalition in the 14th general election.

I expect that promise to be fulfilled. Period!

Anwar can serve as prime minister for a week, a month, a year after Dr Mahathir Mohamad. That would suffice to fulfil that GE14 promise.

That is a principle which I expect all Harapan leaders to abide by. Malaysians gave Harapan the mandate on May 9, 2018, accepting their pledge on the transition of the prime minister’s post from Mahathir to Anwar. Let no one forget that.

Whatever happens after Anwar does not bother me. In fact, I don’t care who will be the ninth prime minister. Why, how is any one of us sure that we will be around anyway to see the ninth prime minister take office?

It goes without saying that ordinary Malaysians, like you and me, have no personal interest in who resides in Seri Perdana.

Only politicians have vested interests and all of Anwar’s detractors are politicians or those linked to certain political leaders.

You and I are ready to accept Anwar as the next prime minister, whether we love or loathe him, because it is his turn to take office, as mandated by the majority of Malaysians.

At this stage, his suitability or legitimacy for the premiership should no longer be questioned.

A week ago, I received an anonymous email from a “Politikus Benar” who launched a scathing attack against Anwar and questioned me how I could consider Anwar to be a better prime minister than Mahathir.

This came about possibly after he read my articles ticking off Mahathir and Harapan for their lacklustre performance after 21 months in office.

His motive was clearly to convince me that Anwar was unfit for the top job because of his tainted past. He also described Anwar as a “danger and embarrassment” to the country if he were to be prime minister.

I responded to him in one sentence: “You have to ask Mahathir why he kept repeating that Anwar would succeed him. He should know Anwar better than you”.

When Anwar forced the Port Dickson by-election in October 2018, I was disappointed with his move as I felt then that it was an unnecessary by-election and a waste of government resources.

Today, I think it was an Anwar strategy which was well-conceived. The seasoned politician in Anwar is certainly not one to be trampled upon; he was a step ahead as he was probably aware of the many ‘Brutuses’ out to stab him in the back. Aha, Anwar was not prepared to meet the same tragic end as Julius Caesar.

So who are the Brutuses? I will immediately discard those in Umno and PAS as those in the opposition will surely scheme and gun you down because it is their duty to do so.

The traitors are those within the ranks of Harapan, notably Mahathir’s Bersatu and most sickening of all, Anwar’s very own PKR. I do not see DAP or Amanah being involved in any sinister plot against Anwar.

I am glad that Anwar had confronted Mahathir on the alleged plot to collect signatures from federal lawmakers for him (Mahathir) to serve until the end of his term.

Anwar has also confirmed that the signature campaign involved PAS as well as “a group from Umno and a small number from PKR”. By now, we should know the main treacherous characters at play.

I would not pay attention to personalities like Daim Zainuddin, no matter how powerful he is deemed to be, or the lawyer who claims to be Mahathir’s personal counsel (whatever his name is) whenever they attacked Anwar. I consider them irrelevant outsiders who possibly share a personal dislike for Anwar.

However, the involvement of those within PKR in such a treacherous plot is unforgivable. No matter what their misgivings about their party president may be, never forget that without Anwar and ‘Reformasi’, they are nothing but aimless wanderers in the political wilderness.

Their greed for power and position to satisfy their personal ambition and ego has turned them into what I would describe as “political parasites” of the Harapan government, which must be cut off.

Pakatan Nasional, to me, is not just a rumour or a myth. It is real. There are too many schemers and plotters in Harapan who indulge in dirty and sleazy politics.

Let me say this for what it’s worth.

No matter how bad we think of Anwar, he did not go for luxurious holidays abroad without settling his bills. No, he didn’t.

No matter how negative we think of Anwar, he did not throw lavish wedding receptions for his children, with royalty and celebrities in tow. No, he didn’t.

Anwar has also paid dearly for the sodomy charges against him. He did not go to the mosque to swear his innocence. Someone caught in a gay sex video shed crocodile tears in a place of worship, the very next day after being told there was insufficient evidence. How sick and hypocritical is that!

Indeed, we should not allow the Brutuses stabbing Anwar in the back to win.

Add in the parasites and hypocrites, especially in PKR. Together with the dummies in Bersatu, they are the reason why Harapan is deemed a failure.

Anwar could well be the reformer and provide the salvation for what could possibly be Harapan’s one and only term in office.

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