The folly of trusting the ‘devil’


COMMENT Never in the history of Malaysia has one man done so much damage to his country just to please himself.

What an indictment of the country to allow it to happen. When did national interest become the personal interest of one man and his crazy ideas?

Politics has plumbed a new low and after near destruction by a gang of thieves, now a cartel of traitors is the new threat.

How will Malaysians trust the man and his government again? But I believe those who plot the downfall of others will themselves fall into the pit they have dug.

One man who has always put himself before anything else wants to die in office. And indeed he may, I hope not. He needs to go and let the nation grow. He will be the most despised man in Malaysian history.

When he reneged in not honouring the Pakatan Harapan GE14 Manifesto, the alarm had sounded.

And those who had fought for reform should have remonstrated. They (but for a few) became too cosy with the devil.

Bad company corrupts good character. If you go to bed with the devil what do you expect but to be defiled? Or demonised.

The devil masquerades as an “angel of light” and deceives many but the wise and discerning are not fooled. Many saw through his deceitfulness. His words are untrustworthy.

True reformers and lovers of their country ought not to be disheartened. The devil has shown his hand and the true quest for true and positive change continues.

When in GE13 he pleaded with the voters to vote for “the devil you know” did he not know the thief had already been busy?

Nailing the kleptocrat and painting him as the arch-villain is too simplistic. If it is to draw away attention from his own uninvestigated acts it worked. But for only as long as there is no honest government.

There is no Messiah, no one to save Malaysia on the horizon, but there is still Anwar Ibrahim.

There are many good Malaysians still not in politics. And Anwar will outlive the devil we know and we have not seen the last of him come what may.

Man proposes, God disposes. God has confounded before and will confound again to the people’s utter delight. Hope deferred makes the heart sick but I am confident those who plot evil will not prosper.

A man’s reputation is far more valuable than riches. To be a Judas or a Brutus is to be scum. No doubt social media will be filled with expletives for the man who betrayed everyone.

There was a rising tide of resentment of bad governance and the opportunistic devil rode on the wave of discontent. Pakatan Harapan made a fatal error of judgment.

They should not have allowed the devil to be the frontperson and worse, give him the keys to the gate of power. They never thought they could have been betrayed.

The devil is known as the “father of lies, the deceiver, the destroyer” and even the Christians who should have known better, ought to have been more vigilant.

It is not an easy task to deal with those who have no scruples. Those in politics ought to have known better. How can people trust a government composed of liars?

Life goes on. The journey to the Promised Land continues. When politics in Malaysia becomes clear cut, between good and evil, then there is real hope. Good usually vanquished evil.

GE15 will be the real D-day for all those Malaysians who cherish the hope of a nation of diversity, freedom, peace and prosperity.

There are speculative narratives floating in social media but any unholy alliance of disparate political parties is a recipe for disaster.

How will Christian politicians in Sarawak accept the extreme ”take no prisoners” religious policies of PAS?

It is time for Malaysians to rise up and do the job that the politicians have failed to do. There are many good citizens, capable and above all, honest and fair-minded who can lead the nation.

The people are angry. But don’t get mad. Raise up new leaders and get rid of the recycled liars, the thief and the traitors.

Malaysia is worth saving.

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STEVE OH is an author and composer of the novel and musical Tiger King of the Golden Jungle. He believes good governance and an engaging civil society are paramount to Malaysia being a unique and successful nation.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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